What is 2-Week Notice Letter? – Simple, Example, and Post Notice

What is 2-Week Notice Letter?

The 2-week notice letter is many reasons you may want or need to leave your current job. It is usual to notify your employer at least two weeks in advance about your next departure when you leave. This period gives you time to fulfil your current job duties, brief your bosses and co-workers on how to perform some of your responsibilities once you’ve left, and say bye to your colleagues professionally and positively. It also gives your manager time to open a position to fill your job or make other arrangements.

It is essential to review your employment contract before giving the notice if your company has other guidelines about the resignation. Depending on the terms of your agreement, a two-week notice letter may be required to resign your position formally.

Why should I Write a 2-Week Notice Letter?

There are two main details why you should write a two-week notice letter. First, this letter is a respectful way of informing your employer that you intend to leave your current position. It is usual for people to leave their job and move to another.

During this course, make sure your employer will be able to speak positively of your departure. For example, leaving your job suddenly and without warning could leave your employer in a tricky situation. This might limit your ability to use your current employer as a reference for future employment or risk letting a new employer know about your unprofessional exit.

How to Carve a Simple 2-Week Notice Letter?

By way of you activate drafting your resignation letter, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Start by counting your name, date, address and subject
  • express your resignation
  • Include the date of your last day
  • Provide a brief reason for resignation (optional)
  • Add a statement of gratitude
  • Closing with next steps
  • Close with your signature

Although every resignation letter is different, it’s best to end on a positive note with gratitude or something specific that you enjoyed your time with the company to make a good impression.

Notice in the Fixed-Term Employment Contract

A fixed-term employment contract is one in which the parties agree on the date on which it will end from the moment it sign. Still nevertheless, if the contract is not renewed, the law requires the other party to be previously notified of that decision.

It is like a confirmation of the termination of the contract because although the date on which it ends is known in advance, the law requires that the decision not to renew it confirm by prior notice and the other party’s notice.

The Law presumes the automatic renewal of the employment contract. If one of the parties does not want to renew it, it will have to notify the other party 30 days before the expiration of the term or duration of the contract.

How the 2-Weeks Notice Should be given in the Letter?

For the notice to have the effects it should have, it must be clear, consistent and specific so that it unequivocally expresses the decision not to renew a contract or terminate it.

This is how the labour chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice recalls it in ruling 49903 of May 30, 2019, with a presentation by Judge Rigoberto Echeverry Bueno:

“Now, due to the special and important effects that the communication above has, it is necessary that it expresses in writing and, most importantly, that it clearly and unequivocally contain those above “…determination not to extend the contract…”, since, as It has already said that any silence, void or doubt in this regard transform by the law into an automatic or tacit extension of the employment relationship.”

The worker must tell that the company has decided not to extend the employment contract once the agreed term expires.

This clarification is necessary because some employers are not clear, as in the address by the sentence above where the following communication was made:

  • I allow myself to repeat to you that on May 1, 2006, your work contract sign with the University expires.
  • Any eventual renewal is left to the consideration of the Board of Directors and its consent.
  • Let this be the opportunity to thank services render to the Institution.”

Notice from the Employer

The notice not to renew the fixed-term employment contract is relevant for the employer. If the news is not notified 30 days in advance, the contract automatically renews.

Suppose, before the expiration date of the stipulated term, neither party notifies the other in writing of its determination.  In to extend the contract no less than thirty (30) days in advance. In that case, it will understood as renewed for a period equal to the initially agreed, and so on.»

If the employer does not give notice not to extend the contract within that period, the contract renewal by operation of law for an equal period.

Excel Tool to Post Notice

We have developed a simple Excel tool to determine the deadline on which the worker must be notified of the notice.

It is require to enter the date on which the employment contract ends, and Excel will subtract 30 calendar days from that date without counting the contract’s expiration date.

Download Tool

Notice to terminate the contract before the end of its duration.

The advance notice in article 46 of the substantive labour code applies when the contract is renewe once it ends.

If the contract is still in force and you want to terminate it for just cause or without it, that notice does not apply.

For example, in a three-year contract, the employer wants to end after two years. In this case, the prior notice set forth here does not apply except that indicated by article 62, which we address a few lines later in the part that addresses the termination of the contract for an indefinite term.

Notice by the Worker

When the worker does not want to renew the fixed-term employment contract once it ends, in theory, he is oblige to notify the employer 30 days in advance.

If the worker notifies the notice provide by law, the contract is understood to renew. What happens is that the law does not contemplate a consequence for the worker who decides not to return to work once the contract ends without notice or after it automatically renew.

So the worker may not notice any prior notice and still not renew the employment contract without consequences.

Notice in the Indefinite Term Contract

In the indefinite employment contract, notice is contemplate because renewal is require.

Indefinite-term employment contract. An employment contract for an unfix term is one. In which an end date is agree upon, leaving its duration unclear in time.

In case of termination of the employment contract for just cause by the employer. Its the latter must notify the worker in advance in terms of the last paragraph of literal A of article 62 of the substantive labour code:

“In the cases of numerals 9 to 15 of this article, for the termination of the contract. The employer must notify the worker in advance of not less than fifteen (15) days.”

Here the same rules of 30 days apply. The termination of the contract cannot made effective until the day after the 15 calendar days elapse since the notification of the notice, or, in other words, 15 days counted. From the day following that on which the news notifier.

Notice in Fixed-term Contracts of less than One Year.

In fixed-term employment contracts of less than one year. Is the notice must also given so as not to renew it, except in warrants whose duration is 30 days or less. As indicated in article 1 of decree 1127 of 1991:

Employment contracts whose duration is equal to or less than 30 days. If do not require any prior notice for their termination. However, by mutual contract, the parties may agree on its extension in terms provide in paragraph 2 of article 3 of Law 50 of 1990.

This is hardly obvious since the notice must given at least 30 days in advance. Is the contract has a duration of 30 days or less. There will no space in time for the notification and some cases, the news. Before starting the employment contract, it should done, which has no purpose.

Example of a 2-Week Notice Letter

Here is an example of a two-week notice letter you might write if you received a job offer from another employer:


John Delaney [Supervisor Term]

ACT LLC [Company Tag]

173 Up Street, Columbus, Ohio 13456 [Company Speech]

Prised Mr Delaney,

This letter gives you two weeks’ notice of my official resignation from ACT LLC. My last day as a sales associate with ACT LLC will be [two weeks from today’s date].

It has been a desire to work with ACT LLC. I grow the time and promise the company has shown me in helping me develop my experience and skills as a sales associate.

I intend to continue to provide ACT LLC with the same high quality. Is work from now until my last day of employment. If there is whatever you need me to do to help during this transition, please let me know.


It recommends that the address for notification purposes. The same as that which appears on the worker’s payroll unless the worker changes the address.

The effective date of the measure is the last day of the employment relationship with the company. It does not matter whether the worker is on medical leave or vacation. In addition, the last day of the employment relationship does not have to workday.

It recommends that it coincide with the weekly rest days. For example, if a worker works from Monday to Friday, he can indicate that the last day is Sunday. On the other hand, the employer obliges you to pay you until the last day of the employment relationship.

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