Beauty Tips For Every Grade Girls

Beauty tips for 9th-grade girls are at an age where appearance is important to them. They want to have beautiful hair and skin and wear the most elegant clothes. It is important for teen girls to highlight their best features and not focus on their flaws.

Beauty Tips for 9th Grade Girls

Skin Care

Develop good skin care habits. Wash your face double a day with a mild cleanser to clear your pores to prevent acne. Then apply a light moisturizer with your fingers to keep your skin smooth. In the morning, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Recall to wash off your makeup before bed, as it can clog your pores.


Young teens don’t have to apply a lot of makeup to look pretty. Instead, wear light makeup that highlights your best features. Heavy makeup application can make a teen appear older than her.

Apply a coloured moisturizer to even out skin tone; if you have blemishes, gently smooth concealer directly on the area with your finger. Apply a peach-coloured blush to the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy brush to brighten your complexion. Accentuate your eyes by applying gold eye shadow on your lids and brush two coats of black mascara to your lashes. Then, she put on a sheer lip gloss to finish the look.


Wash your hair regularly, but not too much. Over-washing removes the usual oils from your hair and dries it out. Do not use blow dryers, twisting irons or flat irons too often because the heat can damage the hair. Let your hair air dry on the most incredible days, and apply mousse or smoothing cream to add style to your hair. If you poverty to change your hair colour, consult a professional first.

Beauty Tips Every Teenager Should know

At 19 years old, am I still considered a teenager? Well… it doesn’t matter. If you or your daughters do, I leave you with 25 beauty tips for girls that every teenager should know; two couple of years ago, I would have killed for them!

Hold on tight to the chair; the list is long. Here I have summarized the beauty tricks I learned from 12 until today. All these tips for teenagers have been tested by the person who writes; )

1: Broken Hairpins should go in the Trash

when a hairpin loses its rounded tip, it no longer works, it can break your hair, and sometimes they prick.

2: With the Gloss, the Boys will stay Stuck

If you have a date you expect a kiss to fall, please do not put on makeup in front, or your prince charming will remain stuck.

3: Who does not Remove Make-up gets up with Pimples

It does not fail; the night you do not remove make-up, you leave your skin covered, and the following day it is almost inevitable that a pimple appears; you cannot imagine the change that my skin gave when at the 17 I started to remove her makeup every night.

4: The one who Shows the most is not the Prettiest

But the one who is the hottest, now that they wear their shorts as panties, you should know that the boys who look at you the most are not the ones that interest you the most. Do you like to know what they are like? A gift before opening it? Well, neither do they. This is one of the beauty hacks for teenagers that can change your life the most.

5: Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend will like to have a place to Grab

We all like well-groomed and healthy bodies, many boys and girls run away from walking skeletons. Take care of yourself to be healthy, and you’ll be irresistible.

6: Brush Starting at the Ends and Ending at the Roots

Your ends will thank you! So there are no pulls, and the hair does not break; you can follow this beauty tip for teenagers every day, and if you are a mom, your daughter will be delighted that you put it into practice with her; )

7: Dyes Damaged Hair

And a lot more besides, think twice before changing your colour, in almost 20 years I have not dyed my hair even once, if you still go ahead, investigate the healthiest dyes, such as Henna or element.

8: Discover how to Hide the Ears

During exams especially, we wear dark circles that make us look like zombies, buy a concealer or borrow it from your mother or your sister, cover them with this post, beauty tips for girls and give a touch of bright eye shadow (better if it is beige) on the tear duct, mascara on the upper lashes, and if you still want more light, white pencil on the waterline. Dark circles, you? Never!!!

9: If you buy Makeup, better Accompanied

From someone older or from a friend who already wears makeup, never go blindly to a perfumery, you can buy something that does not favour you, or that is not what you expect, this beauty tip for teenagers is also a tip of 10 for your pocket; )

10: Apply the Perfume Directly to the Skin

On the clothes, it will get too impregnated, and when you want to change the fragrance, the smells will mix, on the hair… it will dry it, your skin is the best scenario.

11: Exfoliate once a Week

Until I opened Guapa Al Instante, the word exfoliate was amusing to me as beauty tips for girls. An exfoliant is a cream-like sand that drags dead cells when rubbed on your skin. The results are worth it.

12: Do not Neglect the Exercise

We did not stop when we were little; we did not stop! But as we grow up, we develop lazier. Go for a run, sign up for dancing, swimming, go to the beach… but never become sedentary. Why? Why cellulite lurks around your couch

13: Strengthen your Strong Point

In adolescence, not one of us is saved from complexes, so think about what is the most beautiful thing about you? Ask several people, and enhance that area, so the other more “normal” areas will remain in the background. It’s what the famous do!

14: Find the Hairstyle you Love

Flat irons daily, curling iron, hairspray ¡¡¡ Help! Your hair can’t handle all that. It will fall out. It will go out. This beauty tip for teenagers is worth gold!!! Look for a natural hairstyle, braids loose with bangs, your wild waves… cut if necessary, but leave your hair.

15: Wear Colourful Clothes

Come on, you’re a teenager! 😀 You’ll have time to wear office shirts and jackets in 10 years, now enjoy. Do crazy things with clothes! And have a good time.

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