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Beauty Write for UsBeauty is a combination of qualities such as form, proportion, and color in a human face (or other. object) that delights the sight. These last words are important: Beauty does not exist. Itself exists in the eye of the beholder.

The feminine beauty ideal traits include but are not limited to female body shape, facial features, skin tones, height, clothing style, hairstyle, and body weight. In order to emulate said desirable traits, women have chosen to undergo facial and body-altering practices which range in severity.

5 Beauty Secrets Korean Girls Know

And you don’t. For those of us living outside this historical East Asian country, Korean beauty will always remain a bit of a mystery. Talk to any South Korean woman, and chances are her skin will be flawlessly translucent and her makeup totally on point.

So, what are the Korean Beauty secrets that we don’t know—besides the army of makeup & skincare products all their women have at their beck and call?

Massage Your Neck To Make Your Face Slimmer

Forget about facial exercises for a toned countenance. Korean celebrities routinely massage their necks and décolletage to release tension in their shoulders, which in turn leads to a more defined jawline. All that stress causes muscles to sag. Once the tension is released, your skin will appear visibly lifted.

Apply Pressure When You Exfoliate And Moisturize

Tugging at facial skin is a no-no. But the skin below your neck is thicker, so applying extra pressure in upward movements when you use a body scrub or moisturizer boosts circulation, loosens tired muscles and promotes circulation. The result: you feel energized and happy, and it shows on your face.

Use The Jamsu Technique To Keep Makeup In Place

The word ‘Jamsu’ translates roughly to ‘submerge’. The technique consists of sprinkling baby powder on your face after applying primer-foundation-concealer and then plunging your face in a bowl of cold water for 15 seconds. Pat dry and then follow with the rest of your makeup. Think of it as a DIY version of makeup setting spray or makeup fixer. Try it. It really works.

Double Mask Under The Eyes

The skin under your eyes is thinner sensitive and requires special attention. Oftentimes, facial masks miss the under-eye area. To avoid crows’ feet and fine lines, place an eye patch under our face mask to get the benefits of a double mask. You may want to flip your sheet mask halfway through the sesh for a fresh, cooling sensation. Use Anatomical Revitalizing Gel Eye Mask under Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask – Rose for an instant at-home spa session.

Double Moisturize For Best Results

Korean skincare Skincare is all about intense moisturization. To maximize the benefit of your skin cream, first, use a light water-based hydrator that quickly gets absorbed. Then follow with a heavier, creamier formula to dry-proof skin. Start with The Face Shop The Therapy Water-Drop Anti-Aging Serum and then use The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel.

There you are, Korean Beauty Secrets unveiled just for you!

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