What is Computer Software? – History, Programing, Types, and More

What is Computer Software?

Computer software is a term that comes from the English philological, but thanks to its widespread use, it accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy. According to the RAE, the software is a set of programs, instructions, and also computer rules that allow different tasks to execute on a computer.

The software considers being the logical and intangible equipment of a computer. In other words, the concept of software encompasses all computer applications. such as word processors, spreadsheets, image editors, audio players, and video games, among many others.

History of Computer Software

Software refers to computer parts that do not have a material form, such as programs, data, protocols, etc. It is the part of a computer system that consists of encoding information or computer instructions, oppos to the physical hardware from which the system is built.

And also, a computer’s software is the computer programs, libraries, and related non-executable data, such as online documentation or digital media. Computer hardware and software need each other, and neither can use by itself. When software stored on hardware that cannot easily modify, such as the BIOS ROM on an IBM PC-compatible computer, it is sometimes called “firmware.”

The Programing of Software

The software develops using different programming languages, which allow controlling the behaviour of a machine. These languages ​​consist of symbols and syntactic and semantic rules that define the meaning of their elements and expressions.

And also, a programming language enables software programmers to specify precisely what data a computer must operate on.

Classifications of Software

As a general concept, the software can divide into several categories based on the work performed. The two primary categories of software are operating systems ( system software ), which control the work of the computer or computer, and application software, which directs the various tasks computers use for.

Thus, system software performs such essential, yet often invisible, tasks as disk file maintenance and display management, while software application performs. In word processing, database management, and the like. Two separate categories are network software, which allows groups of users to communicate, and language software used to write programs.

In addition to these task-based categories, various. In types of software describe based on their distribution method. These include so-called can programs, software developed by companies and sold mainly by distributors, freeware, and also public domain

System Software

Its objective is to separate the user adequately and the programmer from the details of the particular. Its computer use, isolates it, especially from the processing relates. It’s the internal characteristics of memory, disks, ports and communications devices, printers, screens, keyboards, etc. System software provides the user and programmer with adequate high-level interfaces, support tools and utilities that allow its maintenance. And also, it includes, among others:

Operating systems

Correction and Optimization Tools

  • device drivers
  • diagnostic tools
  • Servers Utilities
  • And also, Operating systems

Application of Software

An application is a software that helps us do something productive or fun on the computer. It is written to perform a particular function. This function does not have to directly relate to the computer. For example, a word processor helps users to create texts.

There are two types of application software: generic software for mass commercial use and custom-made software. Among the best known generic applications we have:

  • Powerpoint, with which you can make presentations,
  • The calculator is the calculator,
  • Google Chrome, to browse the internet,
  • And also, DVD player: with which DVDs are read, among others

Types of Computer Software

Inside what is the software of a computer, a difference is usually made between system software, application software, and end-user software:

  • Application Software: They are programs designed to perform a specific task.
  • System software: It is the set of programs that achieve the global capital of the computer. It includes the operating system, manoeuvre drivers, diagnostic tools, and servers.
  • End-User Software: They are the ones that allow the end-user to develop specific applications.
  • All of them usually work in coordination.
  • Software engineering is understood as the practical application of scientific knowledge put at the service of the design and construction of computer programs and the associate documentation required to develop and operate them.

The complexity of Computer Programs

Going back to software development, given that it covers so many very different fields, it is correct to say that it can also have very different degrees of complexity: programming a small application that stores a list of names, telephone numbers, and email addresses does not require the same knowledge or skills needed to program a video game.

Nor are the innate abilities or talents necessary for both fields the same: while the first pursue the development. For simple and small products, the second relates to technological innovation at a very high level.

However, teams that develop software of different types within the same company can coexist. For example, making a video game requires. In the use of programs to create graphics, animations, maps, and graphic elements. In the interface, physics simulation, and musical composition, among others, in such a way that the skills of many people combine.


These computer programs make it possible to execute specific tasks within a computer—for example, operating systems, applications, web browsers, games, or programs.

These features always work hand in hand.  It’s while the software provides the operations. If the hardware is the physical channel. In which those functions can perform.

Although we still have no idea how things will evolve, this combination will continue to serve as the basis for technological development.

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