How to Lose Face Fat? – Diet, Tricks, Massages and Facial Exercises

How to Lose Face Fat?

Have you got fat on your face? When we gain a few extra kilos, one of the parts of the body where the kilos are seen the fastest in the beginning, especially in areas such as the jowls and cheeks or cheeks.

If you want to recover the skin of your face and make it thinner, smoother and firmer, you should know that you have to follow healthy lifestyle habits that will help you lose weight and, therefore, reduce fat. In this one how-to article, we give you some tips to show you how to lose face fat with a few simple changes in your routine that will help you have a healthier life.

Beauty Tips for Loss Face Fat

Apart from diet and exercises to lose weight, there are certain myths about solving the question of “how to lose weight”. We discuss them below.

Best Creams

There is no practical face slimming creams. What is certain is that you consume to burn fat and then lose weight and that this leads to the appearance of sagging skin if you do not remedy it. You can use moisturizing and firming creams on the face and throughout the body.

We recommend you read our article on firming the skin after losing weight for more information.

Best Hairstyles

When styling your hair, it is also essential that you consider the shape of your face. For example, it is not recommended to wear your hair close to your face because it gives the sensation of a rounder face. Pick it up or to the side, move it away from the beginning, and achieve a more “thin” effect and a sensation of less volume.

It is also not recommended to put your hair behind your ears, and you can use lengthy layers when cutting your hair; this way, you will hide the round face.

Slimming Face with Makeup

It is the infallible trick while losing weight to thin the face. You need good makeup to stylize your look, a brush and the best technique to slim your face and shape your cheekbones.

And here we have our advice to slim down your face. Are you going to start your diet and sports monotonous to burn fat and refine your face, or will you continue buying creams and doing useless facial exercises?

Diet and Exercises to Lose Face Fat

We are not going to fool ourselves. We already know that being behind weight in parts is complicated, but it is possible to lose weight on a round face by practising cardiovascular exercise and burning fat.

Get into a daily cardiovascular routine: go for a run, jog, do burpees, plunge, get on the elliptical bike or the routine any fat-burning exercise will do. You can see which sport burns the most calories here if you want.

The combination of cardiovascular exercise and a moral diet in which fat has no home will help reduce the contour of your aspect and make it appear less round.

Also, beverages a lot of water; it is essential to consume at least 2.5 litres of water a day in any slimming diet.

When you lose a few kilos, you will notice that your cheeks deflate and that your face begins to be thinner and less round than before. Of course, do not forget to apply some anti-wrinkle or anti-flaccidity cream to avoid hanging skin caused by weight loss.

Tricks to Lose Face Fat

But, in addition to these tips to lose weight, Express nutritionists point to other possibilities, specifically in the face area. One of them is to sleep more: the human body burns fat while sleeping, so we won’t lose weight if we don’t sleep well. In addition, lack of sleep causes skin swelling, which does not help in these slimming processes.

Drinking water and being well hydrated are other essential tips for losing weight in the long term. However, water plays a determining role when talking about facial fat: dehydration can cause blood vessels to widen, which would cause fluid retention, something that is very noticeable on the face. It is common to wake up with a swollen face, but this eliminates by drinking water throughout the day.

Types of Lose Face Fat

Drink water

Staying hydrated welfares the announcement of toxins and fats, allowing you to maintain a slim figure, which will help reduce the size of your cheeks.

High fibre diet

When next a diet, it is essential to consume fibres since they speed up the metabolism and allow you to get rid of the fats that you do not need in your body since they will lone make you gain weight.


Practising physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day will help you burn calories and lose weight; this includes reducing fat on your expression that will be favoured with thinner cheeks.

Facial exercises

Although they are not very shared, these movements allow you to lessen the sagging of your face. The result will be a conventional and toned shape of your face.


This procedure complements facial exercises. You can use yoghurt with oatmeal and honey, with the resulting mixture making circular massages on your casing that allow you to prevent flaccidity.

Less alcohol

Drinking alcoholic beverages cause inflammation in the face due to the calorie content and significant fluid retention. The recommendation is not to abuse its ingesting.

Excess Fat on the Face: Causes

Before applying any product, home medication or treatment, the first thing to be clear about is the leading causes of excess oil on the face. And is that the solution will be contingent on the reason that originates the sebum in the skin. These are the main ones:

  • Genetics: Oily skin is usually hereditary. In other words, genetics will be decisive.
  • Hormones: Hormonal disturbances can produce oily skin. In general, it occurs during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, although it is also possible to notice oilier skin during the days of menstruation.
  • Stress: Prolonged or concentrated states of nervousness and anxiety also favour the appearance of oily skin and pimples.
  • Poor diet: a diet ironic in fat and processed products helps excess overweight in the face. If you want more information about the ideal diet to avoid extra oil on the casing.  Do not miss this article on Foods to improve oily skin.
  • Environment: Being in environments with excess humidity is also one of the main reasons facial skin generates more oil.

How to Remove Excess Fat on the Face?

When talking about eliminating excess fat on the face. One important factor must be taken into account: knowing what produces it. Only this way can adequate guidelines follow to reduce its presence and achieve its complete elimination.

  • Food: the food diet that an individual adopts reflect in the skin. If you have excess fat on your look, you must avoid eating fatty. Its meats such as duck, pork and pork or sausages processed meats. In addition, spicy foods, excess salt, refined flour, butter, sugar and other sugary, fried and dairy products should dodge. It is also important to eliminate alcohol from the diet, as it causes large dissipations of fat in the membrane.
  • Medical treatments: when the problem of superfluous fat in the air is essential and very noticeable, the doctor may acclaim following medical treatments. If wide-ranging, are based on ointments, gels, lotions or/and the taking of some pills. They are results that mainly applies to long-lasting acne cases.
  • Dermatological creams: within them are, for instance, those that have retinoids to cover the hair cavities, salicylic acid or azelaic acid due. There to their antibiotic possessions or dapsone, an antibiotic indicated, particularly for cases of inflammatory acne.


If we must reflect on one thing, it is that not all people have the same type of skin. We can talk about different skins generally grouped into these types: normal skin, dry skin, mixed skin or oily skin. Each of these skins requires a series of special care and attention. Which must take into account when treating different skin problems.

On this occasion, we will focus on oily skin to see how the appearance of fat can be evade. A rather unsightly and maddening problem for people who have it. From a how-to, we will explain how to eliminate excess fat on the face. If so that you know what home remedies and treatments. If you have at your disposal to improve the appearance of the skin.

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