The app is very easy to use and comes with a simple interface. It needs to have a Snapchat username to register on and find friends. It is a platform where one can get more likes and views and even make new friends. also offers daily rewards for their users and help to find friends who have the same interest. One can even share their gender and username on the apps to promote themselves. The main aim is to grow your social media presence and increase views.

How to Join FindSnap chat: CLICK to Watch Video is a new application that is helping users to promote their Snapchat username. It is a platform where people can make new friends and get likes and views. The platform is not associated with Snapchat and its third-party app, mainly to promote Snapchat usernames.

How do I Download my Data from

When you sign up for Snapchat and use our services, we collect certain information from you, like your phone number and email address. We also collect information about you and how you’ve used our services, like which Snaps you’ve submitted to Spotlight and Snap Map. com

Are you an avid Snapchat user? Are you looking out to get more friends, views, and likes on Snapchat? If yes, go for It is a platform where Snapchat users can promote their names and increase followers. This platform is available in Canada, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

How to Use

If you are looking out to make your Snapchat name quite popular through, follow the below-mentioned process.

  • First, you need to install the app from the play store. It requires a Snapchat username to register with
  • You need to click the profile with whom you want to chat and thus start chatting through your Snapchat username.
  • It has a search inn where you can write the name of friends looking out to chat. The app also gives filtration options based on age, post and even age.
  • You can even promote your Snapchat username along with other details like age and gender on
  • In this way, you can make additional friends and chat with them. If you are looking to promote your post, can help out.

What Information is Available in ‘Download My Data?’

Here are some of the categories of data you’ll be able to find in your ‘Download My Data’ file. For a more detailed list, please go to

  • Login History and Account information
  • User & Public Profiles
  • Snap History
  • Friends
  • Location
  • Saved Chat History
  • Memories
  • Purchase & Shop History
  • Snapchat Support History
  • Search History
  • Bitmoji

What Information is Available in the App?

Your key account facts are to be had inside the Snapchat app. This consists of your name, username, birthday, mobile quantity, e-mail, Snapchatters you’ve got blocked, Memories, Bitmoji, Snapcode, your orders (like custom Filters and Lenses), facts about Spectacles, Shazam history, Snapcash transactions, and more.

In the app, you could additionally replace your privacy settings, ad alternatives, way of life classes, permissions, Our Story management, and Snap Map settings.

How to Access or Update your Data?

There are a pair of methods to get the right of entry and, from time to time to replace most of these facts:

  1. You can get entry to and replace some of your records (like your call, e-mail deal with, cellphone variety, and Bitmoji) by way of logging into Snapchat and going to Settings. Just tap your Profile icon on the pinnacle to visit your profile, then faucet the equipment on the top to go to Settings.
  2. To get admission to other statistics, like the date your account was created and which devices have logged into your account, you could go to our bills website or scroll to ‘Account Actions’ in Settings, after which comply with the steps beneath.
  3. Log into your account on bills.Snapchat.Com
  4. Click ‘My Data.’
  5. Click ‘Submit Request’ at the bottom of the page.
  6. Enter a legitimate email code, and we’ll ship you an e-mail with a link as soon as your statistics are prepared to download. Please don’t proportion this link with all and sundry.
  7. Follow the hyperlink on your e-mail to download your statistics
  8. Click the hyperlink to download your statistics.

Also, your ‘My Data’ download will arrive in the form of a zip file. To open a zip file and view the contents, you must have compatible software on your device.


  1. chat offers daily rewards to its users.
  2. It has a wide range of cards to select the one that makes you stand out in the crowd.
  3. One can use their Snapchat username and gender to promote on
  4. The app gives you the option to choose friends based on your interest.
  5. It also keeps the details of users who viewed your profile.
  6. You can even select a friend from the most rated male and female. Thus, it becomes easy to make more friends through
  7. It is easy to check out other profiles and, with a single click, add to your Snapchat list.


Is free?

Yes, is entirely free, and users are not required to pay any subscription fee to use the platform. Register yourself and promote your Snapchat name for free with

How to get

All Snapchat users who are willing to use to promote themselves need to download from the Android play store. Go to the play store and write “” to Download it. It is currently available only for the android platform.

Conclusion is a third-party application that gives all Snapchat users to promote themselves. is not related to Snapchat in any manner. One who is already on Snapchat can only use it as it needs a username to use

The design of is very simple, and users are awarded daily rewards. So, if you also wish to get more followers and likes, go for

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