https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp: If the certificate does not contain a QR CODE check your emails or SMS. Otherwise you can download it: https :// sidep . govt . en / cyberlab / patientviewer . jsp . https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp.  Everyone in France will be able to easily obtain their RT-PCR and test certifications. he link directs you to the SIDEP authentication portal (page … on the sidep . gouv . fr site.

How Do I Get My Certified Vaccination Certificate? https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp

To obtain your certified vaccination certificate:

During the consultation, ask for your certificate from the health professional who vaccinated you.
On the internet, independently and securely, on the site:

By flashing the code on the poster below

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You Have Questions ?

We offer a list of telephone numbers to answer your questions:

  • So, if you have any questions regarding  the use of the health pass , contact  0 800 130 000 (free call).
  • But, if you have any questions about  proof of tests  (positive or negative), vaccination carried out abroad or the TousAntiCovid app: free telephone assistance is available 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 0 800 08 71 48.
  • You can find a e mail via https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp

How Do I Get My QR Code?

Following your Covid-19 test, do you want to obtain your test certificate with QR CODE?

We will send you your results by email but we will not send you a QR CODE, only the SIDEP (Population Tracking Information System) of Public Health France can send you access to this QR Code.

Here is the procedure to follow:

Step 1

Once the analysis is complete, your laboratory will send you your results by email to the address you gave us.

Then you will receive an SMS from SIDEP with an internet link.

Click on the link.

Step 2

Enter your date of birth and click on “send password”.

(For children, if this does not work, please enter the date of birth of the parent opening the CPAM rights)

Step 3

You receive a code valid for 10 minutes.

Enter this password on the SIDEP portal (previous link).

Step 4

Your report is generate automatically and contains the EU digital COVID certificate as well as the QR Code.

You can save it or send it.

Without Mobile Phone:

Send an email address when registering your file

OR you can click on the link:  then click on “identify with FranceConnect”

How do I retrieve a QR code from a test carried out a few months ago? 

However, if the test is between 1 and 3 months old, it is available on SIDEP https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp or If the test is between 3 and 6 months old, go to your laboratory and ask for your result to be reissue by your laboratory. You will receive the link by SIDEP.

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How Do I Access My Results? https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp

Most laboratory test results are available the same day.

To respect the confidentiality of your results, you can retrieve them:

By email

If you communicate your e-mail address to the secretariat during your visit to our laboratories, your results will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the entire assessment has been validate. You will receive a password to be able to open the document containing your results.


On our Website

You can consult your results on this website, in real time 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in the ”  my results  ” category by selecting your laboratory.

Delivered by Hand to the Laboratory

You can pick up your results directly at the reception of your laboratory. You will need to bring the patient number provided by the secretariat when you take your sample.

By Mail

If you have not communicate your e-mail address to your secretariat, the results will be sent to you by post. (Subject to the postal delay, approximately 48 hours)

What Happens to my Results? https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp

Moreover, a copy is systematically sent to the prescribing doctor, and to any other doctor for whom you have request it. This transmission is most often done in real time by a computer system for the exchange of encrypt data guaranteeing confidentiality. (Declaration made to the CNIL).

Your results are sent to your sample nurse when the latter requests it to support your doctor in your medical follow-up by https // cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp  Unless you have a different opinion.

When the patient is a minor or an adult protect by law, the laboratory can only give the results to the legal representative (LR) or to the prescribing doctor, with the exception of analyzes relating to STIs-STDs, contraception or to the abortion where the result will only be transmit to the prescribing doctor

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