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https // National z in Val d’Oise, in collaboration with the Prefecture, the Department, the Regional Health Agency and the Val d’Oise firefighters, is implementing the vaccination of middle school students over the age of 12 from September 6 to October 23, 2021.

This vaccination is strongly recommended and presents an effective means of combating the spread of the Covid19 virus and new variants. The act is free, that is to say, fully covered by health insurance without upfront costs. This vaccination is not compulsory.

Educational actions for https // secondary school students

They aim to contribute to academic success, to promote equal opportunities, to support the initiatives and creativity of educational teams and young people as well as to develop the attractiveness of public colleges.

Through these proactive actions, the Department also wishes to promote the cultural openness of young people and make them aware of the challenges of Sustainable Development .

The 2022-2023 educational actions are offered to establishments and are divided into 10 themes :

  • School Climate and Risk Prevention
  • Orientation and professional world
  • School dropout prevention
  • Girls-Boys Equality
  • But, international opening
  • So, culture
  • Development of scientific culture
  • Taste Education & Nutrition
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games 

Who is Concerned ? https //

All non-vaccinated college students aged 12 and over from the 111 public colleges and 26 private colleges in the https // department.

How to Get Vaccinated? https //

The vaccination of the teenager must be authorize by one of the two parents if he is under 16 years old. He must complete and sign the authorization for vaccination of his college student downloadable below and bring it back to the college as soon as possible. Minors over the age of 16 do not need to be authorize by their parents.

https //

Where to Get Vaccinated? https //

However, college principals are in charge of organizing transport (on foot or by bus) for college students to one of the 21 departmental vaccination centers near their establishment. The Department will contribute financially to the transportation of college students.

What Vaccine for College Students?

Moreover, vaccination centers and mobile teams will use the Pfizer or Modern vaccine to vaccinate middle school students. They require two injections spaced at least 21 days apart. A second vaccination operation will therefore be offer to your child for the second dose.

https //

What Document should I Bring Back on the Day of the Vaccination?

https // However, the student will be ask on the day of the injection if he agrees to be vaccinate. In addition, he will have to bring the health questionnaire completed and sign by his parents, which can be download below from https // department.. Minors over the age of 16 can complete it alone.

https //

3rd edition of the VoBot Challenge in https //

https // Initiated in 2018 by the Department, the VObot allows middle school students to discover the world of robotics, but also that of coding for middle school students.

This year 68 teams from 28 colleges took part in the event. In addition, it took place largely remotely and was pilote from the Louise Weiss College in Cormeilles-en-Parisis.

On this occasion. The President, Marie-Christine Cavecchi and the elected officials of the Department Virginie Tinland and Yannick Boëdec visited the students and the college teams.

Moreover, On the podium. The teams from the Pierre Perret middle schools in Bernes-sur-Oise. Michel de Montaigne in Goussainville, le Parc in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône and Eugénie Cotton in Argenteuil

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