Integrative Medicine Doctor – History, Goal, Treatment, and More

What is Integrative Medicine Doctor?

Integrative medicine doctor combines conventional medicine with other effective and safe complementary natural therapies. Traditional medicine treatments are based on scientific research and complementary therapies on appropriate therapies for certain diseases. This type of medicine also encompasses philosophical approaches and other healing therapies with a more holistic approach to treating body, mind and spirit. Examples of this type of therapy are acupuncture, meditation, yoga or music therapy.

Incorporating these types of integrative therapies can help medical professionals address their patients’ physical and emotional needs. It is always necessary to consult with professionals about what kind of complementary therapy would facilitate an improvement in their condition before using them since some could be harmful to the patient.

History of Integrative Medicine Doctor

To fully understand Integrative Medicine, it is essential to analyze its roots in the US and Europe. Although the North American and European traditions and history are different, it is crucial to point out that Integrative Medicine arises and develops on both continents due to demand, population demand, and health professionals.

In the 1990s in the US, both doctors and patients expressed their disagreement with the current medical system, which had remained practically unchanged since the Flexner report (1910). According to a 1995 survey by James Whorton, author of the book Nature Cures: The History of Alternative Medicine in America, 42% of the population used alternative therapies, and 80% of family physicians expressed a desire to learn therapeutic modalities alternatives. Integrative Medicine clinics were also beginning to open.

The Goal of Integrative Medicine Doctor

The objective of all types of medicine is to cure. When a patient comes to a consultation with a disorder looking for relief from their suffering, does curing correspond to restoring health?

If a patient comes to the consultation for a condition such as high blood pressure, we prescribe an antihypertensive drug, and high blood pressure levels will indeed be controlled. But is this new situation equivalent to curing? We could also ask ourselves: Are we returning the patient to his state of health?

Or are we simply masking a symptom of a more complex situation that underlies other causes such as lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress and even without forgetting genetic predisposition factors?

What Diseases does Integrative Medicine Doctor Treat?

Integrative medicine doctor has been shown to have benefits, especially in cancer patients. There are complementary therapies that help patients improve their condition by treating the side effects that some cancer treatments cause, such as nausea or pain.

Currently, many hospitals or cancer centres already include complementary therapies in the patient’s treatment.

What Subspecialties are there within Integrative Medicine Doctor?

Complementary therapies can be grouped into five categories:

  • Mind-body interventions: treatments are used to improve the mind’s capacity and thus have a positive effect on health.
  • Body-based manipulative therapies: Treatments based on the manipulation and movement of one or more parts of the body to treat pain, anxiety, or stress, such as therapeutic massage or chiropractic care.
  • Energy therapies: treatments based on concentrating the energy generated by the body itself or through external power to balance the energy that flows in the patient, such as reiki or Qi gong.
  • Biologically -Based Treatments: Treatments based on the use of substances found in nature, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, or natural herbs.
  • Traditional or ancient medical systems: These treatments include traditional Chinese medicine, homoeopathy or naturopathy. They are based on emphasizing the use of the body, mind and spirit to prevent and treat illnesses, achieving harmony within the person.

When can you Opt for Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine can be applied in many different treatments, providing significant improvements in the treatment of emergencies and traumatology, acute diseases in which the body’s response capacity is frail, or the aggression is extreme in the replacement treatment in some chronic diseases, especially hormonal insufficiencies, such as insulin in diabetics or thyroxine in hypothyroid patients. And also in degenerative diseases such as breast cancer surgery.

Professional actions regarding integrative medicine should complement conventional medicine to help prevent the disease and recover and maintain it without harming the patient.

What is Integrative Medicine or Integrative Medicine?

Integrative natural medicine addresses the global aspects of the individual: physiological, psychological, nutritional and social. The disease appears due to poor integrative medicine doctors. If eating and behavioural habits on many occasions. It weakens our immune system. Keeping the body detoxified with excellent and beneficial foods. It facilitates digestion and a healthy and robust immune system is the most effective way to avoid it.

Whether you are healthy or sick, whether or not you have suffered a decrease in your quality of life. In whatever the crucial period in which you find yourself, integrative medicine will always help you. If you are healthy, maintain your quality of life for longer, and recover energy. If you have lost it, cure or return to earlier stages of the disease you suffer from…

Positive Influence on the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The basis of care based on integrative medicine is knowing how to listen. Investigating all aspects of the patient’s life, understanding his problems and concerns, considering his economic situation, and identifying his personality and individuality are essential so that the most appropriate procedures can recommend.

With all this, the patient creates a closer and trusting relationship with the integrative medicine doctor and the professionals involved since he knows that they all share the same goal: to take care of him in the best possible way!

This humanization of medical support is crucial for professionals involved to be true allies of the patient during their journey, which also influences their loyalty.

Greater Commitment to Treatment

As stated above, the combination of different alternative methods with the traditional ones contributes. In to the empowerment of the patient, making him more aware of the role he plays in his health, since they share, together with health professionals, the responsibility for the success of the treatment.

This increases their interest and motivation to follow the specialists’ recommendations and even. It allows them to maintain good habits after discharge.

More Quality of Life

As long as the alternative methods align with the patient’s lifestyle. It will be able to provide peace of mind, joy and hope, enhancing the results of conventional treatment and increasing the chances of recovery.

Another positive factor for health is the possibility of reducing traditional medication and incorporating integrative medicine doctor natural active ingredients. The sound and well achieved will also serve as an incentive to continue preventive practices.

What Benefits will I get with Integrative Medicine?

The benefit is to be able to use all the therapeutic resources available to the team’s professionals. If both those of natural medicine, homoeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, energy therapies, etc., and modern pharmacology, if necessary.

On the one hand, as we have already explained, we work on the patient, their circumstances, and their healing capacity. And, on the other hand, we can act on a cause of an infectious, surgical type,… with everything that modern medicine offers us.

What is Integrative Medicine, and how did the concept come about?

Many times, diseases arise due to unbalanced eating habits or routines compounded by inappropriate behaviours. Which is one way or another weakens the immune system. And although this idea is already spread within traditional medicine. Its the integrative or integral practice that has the purpose of making treatments. In even more effective with a collaboration between doctors, therapists and health professionals.

Thus, functional medicine combines alternative therapies, such as phytotherapy, homoeopathy, flower therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, massage, meditation and acupuncture. In with traditional procedures from various areas.


Integrative Medicine, also branded as Functional or Integral Medicine, has increasingly been called the integrative medicine doctor. The attention of health professionals and patients to respond to the search for the humanization of medical care.

Considering that physical illnesses affect people’s emotional and mental health and psychological complications. If can make the body sick, integrative medicine promotes well-being and quality. Its life by balancing the different aspects that affect the body individually.

This means that, contrary to treating the disease specifically, as occurs in traditional medicine. In integrative practice focuses on the patient. Such as a whole, identifying various factors, including physiological, psychological, nutritional and even social, that can improve. To ensure total health.

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