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Kundalik  com is an IT company that develop a single electronic educational platform for teachers, students, parents, administrators of educational institutions and representatives of educational management bodies.

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Important Areas of Activity: kundalik com

  • So, digitization of school education.
  • Integrating leading ICT into the educational process.
  • Development of “Teacher-student-parent” interactive communication.
  • But, implementation of opportunities for distance and independent education.
  • Further, development of a multi-service online platform for additional study of subjects within the school curriculum.
  • kundalik com

That is to say, in October 2021, Kundalik became one of the three most visited sites on Uznet. According to Alexa analytics portal.

Most Importantly, the main product of the company is the daily digital education platform. The system allows you to create a schedule of classes online, create lesson plans for teachers, record attendance and student learning in electronic forms of journals and diaries, as well as provide tools for statistical reporting to educational organizations and educational bodies. will give. Kundalik provides 24/7 assessment and homework, a secure network for effective communication, and access to additional learning resources for students and their parents.

Daily services are also available as a mobile app for teachers, students and their parents.

Further, telegram channel , Instagram , Facebook , video blog of the company on “YouTube” and Yandex.Dzen blog provide up-to-date news and video instructions for teachers, administrators and parents.

Guides and Instructions – kundalik com

Connection/registration of schools – kundalik com

  • Registration of a new school

Video Instructions – kundalik com

  • So, working with Telegram Bot Kundalik
  • Instructions for working in the System for parents and students
  • How to return a class to the academic year after an erroneous transfer one or several years ahead?
  • Class release
  • Transferring a student to another school
  • Working with Home Learners


  • Transfer of classes to the next academic year. Editing classes.
  • Reporting periods
  • So, what is ERP and how to add new persons with EduERP_id
  • Setting up a list of school subjects in accordance with the unified reference book of subjects (ESP)
  • How to manage the start and end dates of a student’s membership in an organization/class/study group?
  • Migration of a student or briefly about how to correctly transfer, expel and enroll a student?

Guides And Webinars – kundalik com

  • So, admin Guide
  • “Schedule” module for AIS “Kundalik”
  • AIS “Kundalik-OOO” user manual

Activity Monitoring

  • Authorization in Activity Monitor
  • What should I do if I need to exclude / add / move a school in Activity Monitor?
  • Block “Coverage by electronic diaries”
  • Blocks “Teachers: inputs for the week”, “Students: inputs for the week”, “Parents: inputs for the week”
  • So, monitoring of work activity in the Kundalik system (general information)
  • Block “Activity of schools”

Informing School Users

  • So, How to use records to inform?
  • [How to create a record?]
  • [How to keep order in the records?]
  • [How useful is information about post views?]

Opportunities – kundalik com

School Page

For instance, daily business card of the educational institution: administration staff, contact information, news, legal and other documents, announcements, photo gallery and forum. The school page and its sections can be configured for publicizing.

Class Schedule and Classes – kundalik com

Entering the lesson schedule in an easy and understandable way. Show replacements, moves and cancellations. View or print a week’s schedule by class, an entire reporting period, or a schedule grid by all teachers at once.

journal Electron

The standard type of a regular paper journal and a number of additional views: daily journal, weekly journal, lesson page. In addition, the administration can choose grading systems and types of work in lessons. All magazine layouts are available in color and black-and-white versions. The teacher can add comments and additional material to any lesson.

Homework Management

However, the interactive homework management module allows you to assign homework to the whole class or to individual students, copy them for different classes, attach files to them, and monitor the progress of their completion.


Complete statistics including standard reports and educational institution reports and additional information. School reports that were previously filled out manually are now generated automatically. All information is updated in real time.

To Parents

Student’s Diary

An electronic diary is a real-time access to any educational information. But, track your child’s schedule changes, current and final progress.


A useful tool to monitor and track your child’s homework.


That is to say, daily is a closed and modern environment for communication. It is possible to create thematic forums, exchange photos from events, contact any parent or teacher at a convenient time.

To the Students – kundalik com


However, a daily paper journal and more easily manage: class schedule, homework, all grades, materials used in class, grade point average, past and upcoming class topics, teacher comments .


Moreover, you can easily turn your personal diary page into a portfolio and tell everyone about your achievements. The following will help you in this: your imagination in creating and decorating a personal blog and notes, personal materials and digital grama, files for diplomas, news wall and more…


It is easier to do the following in the diary: communicate with other schoolchildren, create clubs in your school, lead it or participate only in thematic clubs, discuss class events and news, share photos of school life with others.

To State Bodies

Collection of statistical data

Moreover, receive a number of statistical reports from subordinate organizations in the system on the main parameters of the work in real time with the ability to download to Excel.

Authority of Administration or Education Department

So, business card of the educational management body: administrative staff, contact information, news, legal and other public documents, organizational structure of subordinate organizations.


Further, daily mass sending of personal messages with official information to parents, students or only the subsystem management of the educational institution. In addition, a quick and easy way to report an important document or educational event.

New Payment Methods and Tariff Packages Appear Daily

In 2022-2023, the daily subscription cost is 8,000 sums per year, and two tariff packages are presented for user convenience: “Kundalik” and “PRO Kundalik”.

Stoimost podpiski na Kundalik s September 1, 2022 budet snijena do 8000 sumov v od. For this amount, it is possible to work with the electronic organizer of the site and receive information messages and the Kundalik.Family mobile application without accessing its extended functions. Pri etom Daily oplachivaetsya za kajdogo rebenka otdelno.

“PRO Daily” is worth 40,000 sums a year. And this amount is included in the access to the electronic diary of the site, as well as to the extended functions of the Kundalik.Family mobile application. When paying for the “PRO Kundalik” subscription, the family access modality is included: all schoolchildren and families, who wish to receive detailed information about their school life, can use the Kundalik.Family application without restrictions.

The pre-purchased package “PRO Daily” is also available for $0.49 on PlayMarket and AppStore. The web version and advanced options of the application will be available to users.

Stoimost godovoy podpiski v prilozhenii i na site mojet neznachitelno otlichatsya, v svyazi s pereschetom kursa valyuty v PlayMarket i AppStore. Subscribe directly to PlayMarket and AppStore using VISA or MasterCard in the currency that matches your phone settings.

Alternative payment methods are available at Segodnya oplatit podpisku mojno cherez Davr Bank, Click ili Payme payment system, takje s pomoshchyu Kundalik ID v mobilnyx prilozheniyax Davr mobile, Click Evolution, Payme.

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Contact Information – kundalik com

Support Service

For general questions about connecting and using the system

Whatsapp – +998 78 888 8282

Every day from – 09:00 to 18:00

email –

twiter – @Kundalik_support_bot

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