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The Reddit BlogLASER TREATMENTS Write for usLASER TREATMENTS Write For Us: Tired of having to use the blade or wax every ten days? Laser hair removal has been consolidated and certified as the body hair removal technique with the best and longest-lasting results. Through the action of the light pulses, the hair root is acted directly, so the results, although they are not always shown after the first session, are maintained over time. Only through laser hair removal treatments n it is guaranteed that you will not have to resort to razor blades or wax on a regular basis again.

Despite the fact that it is a widely known technique, we are aware that you may still have doubts about everything that surrounds laser hair removal. We have compiled the extensive experience of our team of beauty consultants to answer all the questions that may come to mind before hiring our laser hair removal services.

Also remember that in the offers section, we recurring publish promotions to help you make the decision to get rid of the razor, wax, or, electric epilator once and for all.

Solve all your Doubts about Laser Hair Removal

Think about it:  having hairless legs, armpits, and groins and at any time being able to put on that skirt, the tank top that you love so much, or saying yes to going to the pool and the beach when you feel like it is an advantage that only laser hair removal can offer you. You can check it for yourself in the testimonials section of the web.

However, we are aware that there are a series of issues that worry you or that prevent you from taking the plunge and changing your summers forever. If you are at this point, read below the most frequent questions  and solve them. You will not regret.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent Hair Removal?

Yes, this is the question you are asking yourself.  Am I really going to completely forget about waxing?  Pelostop laser hair removal guarantees a permanent reduction of body hair. This means that since we use the  pulsed light technique , the active hair follicles are acted on.

In the event that during the  laser  hair removal treatment  there is a part of the  hair follicles that are inactive  at that moment, it is possible that when they are activated they will appear on the skin. For this reason we recommend keeping an  eye  on the evolution of the treatment and going to the center in case these unwanted guests appear for a  maintenance session .

What is the Diode Laser?

The diode laser used for laser hair removal consists of applying a device that emits monochromatic and unidirectional light on the skin. The wavelength of this light destroys the active hair hair follicle in a fraction of a second. This is the recommended technique for darker skin.

This method of laser hair removal guarantees that with an average of between 5 to 8 sessions -the treatment depends on each type of skin and hair-, in most cases a removal of up to 90% of the hair is recorded .

You will wonder if the results are visible immediately. In general, we insist that each case is unique, from the third week you will see the part of your body that you decide to epilate with a diode laser free of hair. In addition, the sessions do not last more than 40 minutes, so it will not be a matter of time either.

Of course, be careful because the diode laser is not the same as photoepilation. Although the results are similar, they do not use the same method and also require more sessions to achieve hair-free legs.

What is the Alexandrite Laser?

The alexandrite laser is used above all for laser hair removal on fair skin, and especially when the hair is very dark and very thick. In fact, it is usually the one used for areas such as the groin or armpits, where the hair is generally much thicker than on the arms or legs.

What does alexandrite laser hair removal consist of ? Here the wavelengths directly attack the melanin that generates the hair, and eliminates it. Although any method of laser hair removal must be applied by a professional, with this type more if possible, since if you do not have the necessary knowledge, skin ailments may appear.

Using the alexandrite laser for hair removal or opting for other laser hair removal techniques requires a prior analysis of the skin type and the nature of the hair. The time to invest in each session in this case depends above all on the area to be treated.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions do I need to Remove HAIR?

Despite being one of the most common questions about laser hair removal, it is also one of the ones with a more indefinite answer. Although the average is between 6 and 8 sessions, the professionals evaluate each case individually to establish what type of laser treatment is most suitable for hair removal and how many sessions it will require.

What does the decision depend on? At Pelostop we take indicators such as the hair growth cycle presented by the patient as references. As the sessions take place and the hair disappears, they lengthen over time to coincide with the cycle and attack the follicle when it is active. The melanin density of the hair follicle also influences the effectiveness of each session. The thicker, the better results with laser hair removal.

Another determining factor is the waxing area. There are areas of the body that require more sessions than others. For example, the facial zone. On the other hand, the armpits and groin, being also small in size, generally require fewer laser hair removal sessions.

Similarly, the general state of health of the client has a direct effect on the treatment. If you are in a hormonal stage, the activity of the follicles and hormones can vary the effectiveness of laser hair removal. In this sense, age and sixth grade are also determining factors, such as the frequency and technique that you have used in your home waxing routine up to now.

Does laser Hair Removal Hurt?

If you have used other methods of hair removal before opting for the laser, you will know that except for the blade, the rest of the options hurt. In the case of laser hair removal, it is more of a nuisance than a disease, since the pulsed light it uses burns the follicle.

It is completely normal to feel a little tingling , a slight prick or something similar to a pinch. In the same way, there are other clients who do not feel anything and others who can barely stand the action of the laser. This is influenced by both the pain threshold that each of us can withstand and the area to be treated or the type of skin.

The normal thing is that as the treatment progresses, the discomfort gradually disappears. However, at Grupostop we have an innovative and proven method to mitigate discomfort from the outset: the Air Cooling System that cools the skin to create an anesthetic effect that makes it easier for the patient to be calm at all times.

 Does Laser Hair Removal have Consequences?

Like any treatment, laser hair removal presents a series of side effects that you have to evaluate before making the decision to hire a laser hair removal service.

In this sense, a distinction must be made between temporary side effects and mild effects generated by the treatment.

Among the first is the slight pain or tingling that the patient can feel, and even the appearance of redness, bruises, slight itching or inflammation of the follicles. These consequences of laser hair removal disappear if the advice of specialists in our centers is followed.

 Can I Get Laser Hair Removal while Pregnant?

Although there are no studies that have established the relationship between laser hair removal and problems during pregnancy , both as a precaution and because of the natural hormonal effects of pregnancy, it is not recommended to undergo a hair removal treatment if you are pregnant or if you think you may be.

And after pregnancy? Here it depends on whether you breastfeed the baby or not. In the second case it is also discouraged, while for the second there are no contraindications in this regard.

Is it Good to do Laser Hair Removal in Summer?

The myth about laser hair removal in summer is one of the doubts that generate the most confusion. Any time of the year is good for waxing. You just have to keep in mind a series of tips to avoid longer-term consequences, such as not exposing the treated area to direct sunlight seven days before or seven days after the session. With these simple tips, you will have no problem waxing in summer with laser.

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