lead-horizon. org/public is a 100% Austrian business originated in early 2020. The first invention, the advanced PCR-gargle self-test, has instantly raised the public interest in Austria and was approved by Austrian establishments. „Alles gurgelt!“, the public COVID-19 screening package of the  City of Vienna became an instant success. But this is not all near is to our expertise.

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lead-horizon. org/public: “Stable PCR test network possible throughout Austria”

Difficulties with the PRC tests in the federal states. LEAD Horizon has been perfecting the procedure for months and accordingly has no technical and logistical problems by lead-horizon. org/public.


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Simply gargling at home with a PCR test. For months this has been everyday life for Austrians in Vienna. Linz, Gmunden and Vöcklabruck. This is new territory for the remaining federal states – and a challenge in view of the announced 2.5 G rule. There are reports from the federal states about too few issuing offices, out-of-stock test sets and technical problems with the evaluation. In addition, the antigen tests should be history by mid-November at the latest. Then only a PCR test counts as G-proof.

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Ramping up the PCR Gargle Test Infrastructure in the Federal States

“PCR gargling tests have been proven to be more precise than antigen tests – especially when screening asymptomatic people. Since the entire throat area comes into contact with the saline solution when gargling. Says the management of LEAD Horizon with Karin Zeiler and Michael Putz. That’s why the company concentrated on this “gold standard” of tests right from the start lead-horizon. org/public. At a time when many people were still unfamiliar with the term “PCR test”.

With its cooperation partner REWE. LEAD Horizon has a dense branch network – also in rural regions such as Gmunden or Vöcklabruck. This cooperation has proven to be just as effective as that with the laboratories throughout Austria. Which have already evaluated millions of tests and therefore no longer have any technical or logistical problems. Because they have been perfecting the procedure for months. A stable test network is possible throughout Austria.

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Empirical Values ​​from Ten Million Tests Carried Out- lead-horizon. org/public

In the meantime. The lead-horizon. org/public in LEAD Horizon is – despite the young company history – an “old hand” in the sector of PCR gargle tests. The business was founded in early 2020 with the dream of developing a tool to effectively counteract the spread of the coronavirus. A good year later. In February 2021. The first test sets were delivered. A few months later, in October 2021. The mark of ten million tests was passed. More than 150,000 Austrians use LEAD Horizon to ask about their Covid-19 status every day.

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Anyline Partners with Leading COVID-19 Test lead-horizon. org/public

Today, we can declare that Any line is partnering with lead-horizon. org/public  a top leading provider of home COVID-19 tests. If you don’t identify lead-horizon. org/public in LEAD Horizon already. It is the easiest and most appropriate way for individuals and firms to self-administer their COVID-19 test in Austria.

Using LEAD Horizon’s suitable testing kit. It is possible to gather your own saliva sample in the ease of your own home and direct it by post to a dedicated lab for testing. Test fallouts then returned to the sender typically within one day.

How Anyline Makes COVID-19 Home Tests Easier to Use- lead-horizon. org/public

By partnering with Anyline, LEAD Horizon will be able to bring their test-kits to the next level. When undertaking the test, users need to enter their personal identification information and record themselves administering the test using LEAD Horizon’s WebApp. To give users a simple and secure method of collecting and sending this data, LEAD Horizon will now integrate Anyline mobile passport scanning into their WebApp.

Anyline is the trusted choice for passport scanning of leading companies and governments around the world. Here in Austria, our technology is used by the national police in their daily work, and can also be used by every resident in Austria in the Digitales Amt app. Very soon, it will also be integrated to scan the E-Impfpass program, which will vastly improve the process of recording vaccinations.

REWE Group and LEAD Horizon provide PCR Test System for Salzburg AG

The test kits are issued at company locations and can be handed in there as well as exclusively at BILLA PLUS in Otto-Holzbauer-Straße / Alpenstraße 92-94 in Salzburg or at the Salzburg AG bus station.

Leonhard Schitter, CEO Salzburg AG: “As an operator of electricity. Gas and telecom infrastructures. We have a great responsibility towards the population. In addition to the existing security measures such as internal vaccination lines. We are pleased that we have found partners in REWE and LEAD Horizon who enable us to carry out PCR tests at the site. With our ‘vaccinate & test’ strategy. We can protect our employees in the critical infrastructure in the best possible way.”

Marcel Haraszti, Participant of the Management Board of REWE International AG, adds: “Our branch density already offers a nationwide network of easily accessible gargle test distribution points in Vienna.

Managing Director of LEAD Horizon; lead-horizon. org/public

Karin Zeiler-Fidler. Managing Director of LEAD Horizon, agrees: “Our test kits were developed with the aim of being able to carry out PCR tests easily. Conveniently and independently. In the face of the omicron wave, regular testing is an important tool. Especially for companies, to keep their operations running. Therefore. We also invite other Salzburg companies to join this test system.”

In addition to the test offer for the employees of Salzburg AG, there is still capacity for other companies with a connection to the BILLA PLUS branch.

Vienna Introduces New Covid-19 Testing System

The City of Vienna has announced the new testing scheme “Alles Gurgelt!”. Every Viennese is qualified to choice up PCR tests at the 152 BIPA supplies throughout Vienna, top herself or himself while steering the test and drop off the tests at 1 of 620 REWE locations. The outcomes of the test is available after 24 hours and the whole kit and caboodle as “entry test” for body-related services.

How Do the Tests Work?

All members can download a bar-code via www.allesgurgelt.at, which enables them to pick up a maximum of four test kits at any BIPA store. After use, new tests can be chosen up. Registration and taster number entrance is done on the LEAD Horizon WebApp (www.lead-horizon.org/public), which is also connected on the ‘Alles Gurgelt!’ website.

The gargle tests are performed under the guidance of the WebApp, which is available in ten languages (German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Turkish). The procedure enables reliable sample collection. The test is officially recognized, and the identity of the test persons is confirmed by means of digital documentation.

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