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Is there anything better than a beautiful touch of lip color to lift your spirits? Do you feel melancholic? Apply red lipstick to brighten your day. Don’t feel like putting on full-face makeup? Add a touch of pink glitter to look (and feel) your best in just seconds.

Although we are witnesses of the power that lipstick has to change lives, we also know that we can all use a little help with difficult areas, such as finding the right shade for our skin tone, making lipstick last all day, and applying color to enhance the shape of our lips. and create the most natural or bold effect. To answer our questions about lip makeup, we reached out to makeup artist Lauren Lancaster, whose mission is to help women discover easy-to-achieve looks that make them feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. Here are her tips and tricks from her to create lip looks you’ll love.

It’s all in the Preparation.

The secret to even, flawless lipstick is to start with lips that are well-prepared. In other words, it moisturizes, softens, and polishes your lips.

First, gently exfoliate lips to get rid of dead cells, then add a moisturizing and smoothing lip balm. You may wonder: is it really necessary? Trust us, you don’t want lipstick to look cakey and build up on dry lips. (That’s a pretty convincing picture, isn’t it?)

Take note: If your lips feel dry and chapped on a regular basis, it could be a sign of dehydration, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, especially if you tend to drink coffee or tea.

Once your lips are exfoliated and smooth, you’re ready for lipstick. If you are going to apply it immediately, remove the excess balm with a tissue or absorbent paper .


here are several titanic duels in the world of makeup, and lipstick versus gloss is unquestionably one of the most famous. If you also debate among them and want to have all the necessary information to know their differences, benefits and disadvantages, we will tell you!

All about Lipstick

lipstick, lipstick, lipstick or lipstick; however you like to call it, they are one of the makeup staples that make up a kit. Even women who did not

It is not as famous as lipsticks and eyeshadows and in fact it is quite a special product, which nevertheless helps us a lot to make our makeup perfect. We are talking about the transparent lipstick, a cosmetic that although it seems that it is hardly useful for anything, since it does not add color, it has a perfecting function that is not worth giving up. Let’s see then how to use it in our daily makeup.

Transparent lipstick: what it is for and how to use it in makeup

As the name suggests, the transparent lipstick is devoid of color pigments though it is not completely transparent, but almost. The tip of this product is actually very light pink or white , so it serves to create a kind of perimeter along the length of the mouth , which will prevent lipsticks and lip gloss from coming off.

In fact, the transparent lipstick serves precisely for this purpose, to delimit the colored products in the appropriate area, making it even easier for us to make up the lip area. The use of this cosmetic is very simple and although we have never used it before, it does not require big steps.

wear makeup before, with the arrival of the nude tones trend, were encouraged to take the leap and add this step to their day to day.

 Outline the outline of the Mouth

outline the outline of the mouth .One of its greatest benefits and reasons why women are passionate about them is because you find them in different formats: creamy, with a matte finish, semi-lasting and ultra-long-lasting. Allowing you to wear your lips flawless for hours and free yourself from super annoying touch-ups.

Another advantage of these lipsticks is the variety of tones and colors that you can find. There is a shade and type of lipstick for every makeup routine you want to put into practice. Also, by applying lipstick, you can play with the size, creating a sensation of greater volume.

Disadvantages? In the case of long-lasting and matte lipsticks, the application must be impeccable. Especially if you decide to use a striking color such as the Truffle or Martini tone of the Coloríssimo liquid Mate lipsticks . They just require a little more practice to get the result you want.

Lipstick: What are the ingredients to avoid?

Lipstick is one of the world ‘s most popular cosmetics , but it often contains a harmful mix of petroleum -based chemicals , which may not be safe for your health. stay in mind that this product is not only applied to the skin (which is particularly thin and permeable here), but can be partially swallowed as often as you lick your lips. Therefore, it is very important to know which ingredients to avoid and to read labels carefully. Find out below what are the ingredients to avoid in lipstick.

Lipstick: Ingredients to Avoid

Despite the fact that lipstick formulas are now more refined than ever and that we can even find lipsticks made with vegetable ingredients , it will be good to write down the ones that we are listing now, since all of them are harmful to our lips and also our health.

petroleum wax

Petroleum wax can be listed as polybutene, microcrystalline wax, or petroleum jelly. May cause allergic reactions . It is used to create a brilliant shine. It forms a waterproof barrier, which makes the lipstick last longer, but dries out the skin.


Methylparaben is added in the direction of lipstick because it is an antifungal and a preservative. It is also widely used in other cosmetics. Its purpose is to prevent the growth of fungi in the product in general for its conservation. Unfortunately, the skin absorbs it very quickly, but the body also manages to eliminate it quickly and therefore does not store it. However, this preservative is limited in most of Europe due to the potential risk of cancer.


Polyparaben is added because a preservative to lipsticks to stop the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. It prevents the greasy part of the lipstick from going rancid and protect both the product and the consumers. present is evidence that it is an endocrine disruptor and that it is an allergen to some people.

Retinyl Palmitate

palmitate is added in the direction of lipsticks as an antioxidant. It is used as a synthetic preservative and is also a synthetic form of vitamin A. It has been shown to be harmful to pregnant women. This is easily absorbed by the skin and once absorbed, it is first transformed into retinol and then into retinoic acid.


Dyes are used to color lipstick . Some are made with synthetic ingredients that come from aluminum or petroleum derivatives, such as coal tar, known to be a carcinogen. Additionally, some may also contain heavy metals. Pay attention to acronyms, like D&C RED 36, and prefer products with natural and organic dyes.

Tocopheryl Acetate

acetate is a exact form of vitamin E often found in skin care products and dietary supplements. It is also known as vitamin E acetate and is used in lipsticks because it is a moisturizing and antioxidant agent. If you have sensitive skin, it can itch, burn, peel, hive, and blister, and it can be toxic.


Aluminum is often used as a thickening agent. However, it is toxic to the body because it is a heavy metal.

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