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Lipstick Write for UsComfortable, intense, and easy to use, the new long-lasting lipsticks can save your look on a daily basis, without sacrificing moisturizing, anti-aging, or highly pigmented properties.

The Best Long-Lasting Lipsticks: Mattes, Glosses, Tints… The Most Resistant

The best-selling cosmetic in history, an economic gauge of society, the self-esteem booster more immediate than a Beyoncé song … Lipstick holds a special place on our dressers and in our hearts, and beauty innovation has been going on for years. at the service of formulas that multiply the properties of lipsticks.

How many times have you bought lipstick because it was going to last all day and after an hour and a half you only had traces left in the corners? The ‘long lasting’ label and its derivatives have done a lot of damage to our economy and even more to our expectations when it comes to makeup. However, believe it or not, there are lipsticks that last several hours without drying out the lips and leaving very different finishes, from moisturizing to matte or even glossier ones.

Put Color on your lips. (getty)

Prioritizing the intensity of the color, you can enjoy creamy textures with a matte or more hydrated finish , both as a stick and as a fluid without sacrificing resistance . There is life beyond matte lipsticks that seal the lips and leave an unpleasant feeling, like wearing something stuck. Velvety lipsticks that seek to recreate the soft finish of a rose petal inspired Violette to create the lipsticks for her opera prima, but the trail of lip comfort goes beyond the French makeup artist’s releases. The creamy, melting lipstick that is easy to apply and much easier to wear has taken over the lip launches of the year, as well as being an unexpected ally for long-lasting finishes.

Light and Comfortable Matte Finish

It almost seems obligatory to link the word ‘matte’ to the term ‘long-lasting’, but the reality is that the usual matte lipsticks do not have to last several hours. When choosing a lipstick, it is important to avoid those that, in order to remain perfect for longer , terribly dry the lips and end up ‘flaking’. Look for creamy textures that blend with the lips and that do not dry out becoming immovable pastes.

The Lip Liquid Velvet Matte Tattoo Effect Liquid Lipstick by Carolina Herrera , €22.50 at El Corte Inglés, has gone from being a jewel lipstick to being a life-saving cosmetic. With a juicy finish, almost gloss-like but without a sticky sensation, its color intensity not only allows the lipstick to resist for hours, but also becomes a true lip tint. When removing make-up, the lip maintains a very natural tone, a bitten lip effect, ideal to end the day. In case you have not succumbed to the entire collection , you are taking time to sink your teeth into it.

Le Rouge Deep Velvet by Givenchy , €36.99 at Sephora, plays at being an ultra-creamy lipstick with which the lip is comforted. The hyaluronic acid spheres are to blame, which also contribute to the duration of the tone . The film that makes up the lip creates a homogeneous surface, thanks to the smoothing action of the Acmella oleracea flower.

 Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution , €35.99 at Sephora. With the aim of creating a finish similar to that of flower petals, the makeup artist has formulated her legendary lipstick, with a matte finish but without sacrificing creaminess and in a refillable format so that perfect lips will not only last one day but all the days of your life.

Matte Revolution by Charlotte Tilbury.

Hourglass Confessions , €39.99 at Sephora. Self-described as an ‘ultra-thin, high-intensity, refillable lipstick’, the truth is that this tiny lipstick becomes a real crush as soon as you try it. Its creamy texture glides on easily, leaving the lips comfortable and with a pigment that resists several hours without losing intensity. But perhaps its packaging is the most addictive. Its dimensions, somewhat smaller than those of a pen, make it a robust lipstick that allows you to recharge it and change color depending on the day. Its tiny diameter even makes it a lip liner.

Tips to Make Lipstick Last Longer

Putting makeup on your lips and keeping them as freshly painted is not an easy task. Being in continuous movement and using them to drink, eat, kiss… it is very difficult for them to remain intact and the lipstick last longer. Difficult yes, but no… IMPOSSIBLE!

Do not forget that the lips are our letter of introduction, since everyone looks at them when we speak. For this reason time, it is important that our lips look healthy and give us that confidence, sensuality and energy that attracts all eyes in our path.

Prepare your Lips so that the Lipstick Lasts Longer

Before applying makeup to your lips, a good way to ensure that they last is to PREPARE THEM. And how are they prepared? Very easy!

Exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin

Keep in mind that removing dead skin or impurities from our lips before applying color will make the product seal better and last longer.

Start by applying a specific scrub with small circular movements to remove dead skin. Once lips are exfoliated, apply a generous layer of lip balm to reactivate circulation, hydrate lips and give them a fuller look. Then, wait a few minutes for the product to be properly

Prepare your Lips for Color

  • Apply concealer to the corner of the lips and to those surrounding areas that do not look uniform.
  • lip liner will help you to keep the product within the limits of the lip . Line the lips from the center of the upper and lower lip to the ends.
  • Once the lips are outlined, you can now apply thechosen lipstick. Remember to do it with your mouth open to get the product to penetrate all the folds of the lip .
  • Do not get bored! Lips can give all the color to your look. Get inspired by these lip trends!

Color Fixation…yes, I want to!

We already have our lips prepared to receive the color. Now for our goal: let’s set your lipstick color to the max!

A lipstick that lasts longer is possible! Ideally, you should look for a long-lasting lipstick to make sure that goal is met: many more hours of color on your lips. These types of lipsticks usually come in a duo or trio: one for color, another that fixes and hydrates, and the last one that is used to remove makeup afterwards. With them you can eat, drink, kiss… without complications! It’s perfect for events because you can forget about reapplying color for many hours.

Extra tips for Extra Duration

  • Apply a lip conditioner or lip primer. It will work as a primer for your lips and will make the lipstick last longer.
  • With a powder brush, apply a light layer of translucent powder over the lips to seal the color. Don’t forget to remove excess product!
  • Before painting your lips and just after exfoliating them, apply a small amount of foundation or concealer over them to help the product set better.
  • ALWAYS drink with a straw, since it is possible that your lips get wet and the lipstick stays on the edge of the glass. In addition, it will give you a glamorous touch.
  • After eating, pat your mouth clean. Do not drag the napkin for them.
  • Avoid sucking or biting your lips.
  • Hydrate yourself during the day by drinking plenty of water.
  • Keep in mind that matte lipsticks, in general, tend to last longer intact than those with a creamy texture and gloss .
  • And what is most important, use good quality products!

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