https www moncollege valdoise fr. With My College in valdoise, secondary school students in department 95 have their digital workspace. Thus, the ENT is available on

Use the ENT 95 MonCollege valdoise – https www moncollege valdoise fr

Thanks to the ENT CD95, you can communicate between students, parents, and teachers. In addition, you have access to timetable management and Pronote to consult your transcripts and semester report.

Once connected, you must click on My ENT and then select your college. Then, in the menu on the left, choose the headings Establishment > Education > Pronote.

Use the ENT 95 MonCollege valdoise

The personal home page of my college in valdoise offers an overview of the information available:



Work to do to consult the homework assignments.

School life.

Delays and absences to send supporting documents. You can also report a planned absence.

Latest posts.

Textbook to consult my child’s timetable.

Assessments to monitor learning and validated achievements.

Liaison notebook to be informed and communicate with teachers.

First connection to https www moncollege valdoise fr

https www moncollege valdoise fr

You must use an internet browser on your computer or smartphone to connect to his personal space. Also, use credentials provided by the institution. There is also an iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile application for https www moncollege valdoise fr.

First of all, the site address is or

Enter your username and password.

Finally, you must click on “Validate” to start the connection to Mon Collège Val d’Oise.

Forgot your Password? https www moncollege valdoise fr

Access to your moncollegevaldoise digital workspace requires you to have a username and password. These entree codes allow you to access your account securely. https www moncollege valdoise fr.

However, if the password is lost or forgotten, there is a recovery procedure. This reset procedure is accessible depending on your profile.

If you are a student, you must contact the secretariat of your college. Indeed, only the ENT administrator of your establishment can reset your secret code.

You will have to contact the school if you are a parent and have not provided your personal email address in your moncollegevaldoise profile. https www moncollege valdoise fr.

Finally, in other cases, creating a new password online is possible. Indeed, from the connection interface, you must click on the “Forgot password” section. So by entering your username, you will receive an email notification on your email. This message then contains a link to create a new Mon Collège Val d’Oise password.

What is ENT95?

ent95  ” is the name commonly used to refer to the ENT https www moncollege valdoise fr ”  “. It is an educational portal accessible via a single login account, allowing users to access a set of information, tools, and services in the academic world. It concerns 111 public colleges in the department.

ENT95 Features

https www moncollege valdoise fr

The school file

The ent95 portal provides the student’s school file, which is also accessible to his parents: quarterly school reports, transcripts, single school records, and correspondence book.

Course Materials

The platform provides access to textbooks, illustration documents, and entire courses, classified by subject. It also offers a textbook that contains the teacher’s homework, titles and corrected exercises, and the content of each course session.

Important Information

Depending on your user profile category, various essential and/or relevant information is published on the platform. It includes information on programs, colleges, education news, events, blogs, circulars, and notes.

Online Procedures

Ent95 allows you to perform several procedures online for administrative purposes, register for workshops or activities, and submit periodic reports… without wasting time traveling to various places.

Mail and Storage Space

The platform also offers a messaging service to be able to contact specific members personally. Also, storage space is available to save essential documents.

The Discussion Forum

The ent95 offers a discussion forum organized by topics where all the platform users can discuss any subject related to the field of education in a friendly way. It is also an additional source of information where members can learn from each other.

What is an ENT?

In the field of education in France, an ENT or Digital Workspace is a platform accessible online, intended for an educational community of an academy or a local authority, and which gives access at any time to a set of services, tools, and information according to the profile of its user thanks to a single connection account. It acts as an extension of the educational establishment and is aimed at the entire community, students, teachers, parents of students, administrative staff, and other authorized members.

Deployment Status – https www moncollege valdoise fr

ENTs exist for all levels of education, from primary school to high school, but their deployment levels vary significantly. During the start of the 2021 school year, for 1st-degree education, among the 105 departments and DROM-COM, 30 benefit from a massive deployment of ENT adopted by more than 90% of schools and 16 benefit from a partial generalization of at least 50%. For colleges, 94 departments see massive deployment of ENT to more than 90% of establishments, and 1 department benefits from a partial generalization. Through the 22 national academies, the use of ENT is widely generalized for high schools and has become the norm in 19 academies. Only 3 overseas academies are only at a stage of reflection or experimentation.

The Level of Content Richness

Whether for primary or secondary education, the architecture of ENT and the services expected therein are defined by the Master Plan for Digital Work Spaces (SDET), the Ministry of National Education reference publication. However, the number of establishments adhering to a given platform and the animation of school life within the community or the corresponding academy make the content of this platform richer or not than that of another. Thus, we note a few ENT with particularly dense content and lively exchanges, such as ENT Occitanie (middle and high schools in the Occitanie region), ENT Ile-de-France (high schools in the Ile-de-France region), e-lyco (middle and high schools in Pays de la Loire), ENT HDF (middle schools and high schools in Hauts-de-France), oZe 92 (kindergarten to higher establishments in Hauts-de-Seine), ent95, etc.

Competition at ENT95 – https www moncollege valdoise fr

The ENT95 https www moncollege valdoise fr, Is the only institutional Digital Workspace for colleges in the Val d’Oise department. However, there are also software applications and other platforms – sometimes created by the developers of the ENT themselves – but which offer paid functions or lesser functions or which only come under limited services. We can cite, for example, the platforms developed by Beneylu, the applications developed by Open Digital Education (the team behind the ENT NEO), or the cloud software Skolengo. However, only ENT95 is the most complete, versatile, and free platform.

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