TETR IO is a modern yet aware online stacker based on Tetris. With its rebalanced attack system and online ranked mode, it has a large casual and competitive following.


Tetr io (Tetrio) is an online multiplayer Tetris game. It is highly appreciated for its customization of control and manipulation. It has several main game modes and a large and very competitive community, iIt allows for account EXP and easy access to view and make friends from other accounts, and a fairly accurate cheat detection system. Taking all of that into account, Tetr io is usually the choice for very high-level Tetris players who don’t want to play an official game.

Want to try Tetris Battle Royale but don’t have a Nintendo Change? Tetr io is as close to the actual experience as possible without breaking duplicate laws. This multi-player puzzle game pits players against each other to understand who can stack and remove the maximum blocks in the least amount of time. You can also slow down in the Marathon method, which allows you to play a relaxing and relaxing game.

As it is a free and outstanding version of Tetris, the community is full of players who have different levels of experience. There are many novice players who play every day in the hope of improving their ranking. Tetris has been about for a while, so the rivalry can get fierce. If you want to understand how you stack up against the rivalry, you can sign up for the Tetra League to contest against the best players in the world.



Compared to other browser-based games, TETR IO efforts to give you a full desktop experience. Lower-class devices may have trouble gaming with default settings. But don’t worry. There are plenty of tips on this page that could help you! They are ordered by how much you have to negotiate to get a good performance.

1. Use the TETR IO desktop

The brilliant desktop (PC) customer for TETR IO applies a bunch of performance fixes and tends to deliver much better performance. Download them here.

2. Try another browser

Chrome and Chromium-based browsers are commonly the fastest browsers for gaming. If you don’t use Chrome, try using it in Firefox, as the speed increase will be noticeable. (Or use the desktop client instead!)

3. Check your power-saving settings

Many laptops default to battery-saving modes, especially when not charging. Make sure your PC is set to high-performance mode, not battery-saving mode, to ensure you don’t lose performance.

4. Make sure your web browser/TETR IO Desktop is using your GPU

So, If you’re on a multi-GPU machine (such as a laptop with an integrated Intel GPU and an NVIDIA GPU), make sure your browser/TETR IO Desktop is using the high-performance devoted GPU. The instructions for doing this differ from machine to machine, but usually, you’ll want to take a look in the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Catalyst. In Windows 10, it can also be found in the PC Settings app.

5. Change your graphics settings in the settings

It may seem obvious, but check it out anyway. The important options in Config are:

  • GRAPHICS – how good are the graphics. Set it to MINIMAL for best performance. This locks some of the settings listed below in their optimal position; they are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • LOW-RESOLUTION RENDERING*: This causes the game to reduce at a lower resolution, which makes it blurrier, but also saves lot of processing power. ENABLE for best performance.
  • WEBGL MODE – The version of WebGL to use. If you see unexplained artifacts or flickering, try a lower version of WebGL. Set WEBGL 2 for best performance.
  • ACTION TEXT*: What types of on-screen writing will be displayed for special changes. Text is expensive in terms of performance but also very useful… so make sure you don’t need them before disabling them. Set it to OFF for best performance.
  • PARTICLE COUNT*: How many particles appear on the screen. Set it to 10% for best performance.
  • LESS PRECISION IN COUNTERS*: If checked, the counters in the game will have fewer decimal places. ENABLE for best performance.
  • NO BACKGROUND IN MENUS*: If checked, the background will not appear in the menus. ENABLE for best performance.
  • ALWAYS SIMPLIFY MULTIPLAYER THUMBS* – If this box is checked, other players’ tables will be less detailed. ENABLE for best performance.
  • SHOW DUELS SIDE BY SIDE* – If checked, duels will be displayed side by side. DISABLE for best performance.

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  • HIDE CHAT WHEN ENTERING GAME* – If checked, chat will not be displayed in-game. ACTIVE for better performance.
  • TELL ME WHEN I’M IN DANGER* – If this box is checked, the boarding will turn red when your stack gets too high. DISABLE for best performance.
  • STEREO* – This slider decides how much material from the sides of the painting will be shifted to each side. SET TO 0% (OFF) for best performance.
  • TURN SOUND OFF COMPLETELY – If this box is checked, no sound or music will be played. This increases performance, but the downside is obvious. ENABLE for best performance.

6. Close other programs and tabs

Make sure you don’t have four more games open. TETR IO must remain secret as a full desktop game, not a casual browser tab. So give it the wiggle room it deserves to use your processing power.

7. Minimize the window or reduce your screen resolution

If you reduce the window size or lower the screen resolution, the game should display less. This will dramatically increase your performance.



The TETR IO Community Rules were last updated on January 22nd, 2022.

These rules are the basis of the TETR IO community and endeavour to keep it a fun and welcoming place for everyone. Please understand the faith in which these rules are written and do not try to look for loopholes ー staff holds the final say.


The TETR IO Terms of Service and this document are interconnected. Breaking the Terms of Service will result in immediate bans from all connected properties, and similarly, breaking the Community Rules is a breach of the Terms of Service.

Please specifically note the fact you must be 13 years of age or up to play TETR IO. If you claim to be under 13 (even as a joke), we must endeavour to delete all of your data immediately.


Using any third-party utilities, loopholes or exploits of any kind to get any sort of benefit is not OK. This includes but is not limited to things like macro programs, timescale programs, bots, replay forgery, lag switches, assistance tools (like solution finders) and so on.

This includes tournament rules for partnered tournaments. When playing in a tournament, follow the established rules of the tournament, given they do not break Community Rules or Terms of Service. Keep tournaments fair.


TETR IO has a strict one-account-per-user policy. Per person, there may only exist one registered account (with very few exceptions). Similarly, it is strictly forbidden for one registered account to be used by more than one person.

For more information, see the alt policy below.


If you have been silenced, restricted or otherwise banned, you may never switch to another account to evade the ban. If you do not agree with the ban or its duration, you may appeal it. Evading a ban makes it permanent.

Some exceptions exist. For example, if you had created an alternate account, this account would be banned, but you would still be allowed to log into your original account. Similarly, if your IP was banned by actions of someone else on the network, it would be OK to log into your account (which would sometimes bypass the ban) or play in a different location which is not banned.

Using an anonymous account to evade an account ban is similarly forbidden.


This includes, but is not limited to, doxxing, inciting violence, impersonation, (sexual) harassment, discriminating content, or derogatory words and phrases.

Purposefully using a username much like someone else’s is seen as impersonation.

6. Be civil and respectful.

Harassment, antagonism, discrimination and the such have no place in the TETR IO community. Talk to people as if you’re talking to them in real life. Banter is fun, but only if everyone is OK with it. If you’re uncertain whether you’re breaking this rule, you probably are.

7. Keep chats clean and safe.

Do not spam in public chats, public spaces or social systems. Spam/flooding is generally annoying to just about everyone except for the sender(s) and decreases the quality of the chat considerably.

Similarly, please do not advertise your content unless it specifically fits the topic. This especially applies to third-party chat servers (like Discord, TeamSpeak, or Skype servers/groups), social media like Twitch or YouTube, and referral links.

8. TETR IO is an all-ages community.

18+ (“NSFW”) content such as drug use, topics of a sexual nature, shock content, content meant to offend, etc., are not allowed in public chats and other public spaces. If you’re uncertain whether you’re breaking this rule, you probably are.

Similarly, keep avatars, banners, “about me” sections, etc., safe for work. Any offensive content found will be remove and earn you a restriction.

9. Let TETR IO staff handle issues.

“Backseat moderation” often only impedes the work of the staff team. Report players with the in-game buttons and move on, please. Furthermore, when someone gets silence or restrict, please leave the situation. Their case involves only them and the staff team.

Similarly, encourage fair play. Do not give attention or encouragement to cheaters or toxic players, as that may encourage them to continue. Report and move on.

10. Report bad actors.

To help our work, if you see anything out of the normal, please report bad actors using the in-game reporting tool. You can find this tool on the user’s profile (under the triangle button).

Please do not abuse the reporting tool, and keep it to properly consider reports only. Submitting false, misclassified or spammy/nonsense reports may result in a ban.



If you find yourself on the erroneous side of our rules, bad things will happen, including but not limited to the following:

The removal of infringing content from your profile and (global) leaderboards

A silence ー the removal of your ability to chat in-game or create public rooms for a period of time (or forever)

A restriction ー the removal of your ability to play online or submit scores entirely for a period of time (or forever)

A block ー the removal of access to your account for a period of time (or forever)

The blocking of your IP ー disallows the creation of new accounts (or sometimes all use) for a period of time (or forever), often used when it is suspect that the IP belongs to a bigger group of people (e.g. a school)

Severe offenses that go well beyond the scope of our rules may see your entire account terminated immediately.


If you tried all these steps and still cannot read TETR IO, your PC may not be able to read TETR IO. If you need more help, open DXDiag (press Windows+R after type dxdiag) and save all your data to a file.

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