Getting in Shape in 2023: Top 4 Calorie-counting Apps

It’s no secret that if we want to be in shape, we need to eat right. It’s important not just to choose a balanced diet, but also to monitor its calories, because if you constantly exceed the daily norm, extra weight won’t be long. it’s possible to keep a simple food diary, but in 2023, it’s much more convenient to keep the information on your smartphone, and doing this is even easier than playing on a Blackjack Online Spiel website. Here are 4 handy apps for counting calories for you.

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This program is mostly free and, nicely, has no ads. Here you can set up all your parameters, set a goal (to gain, maintain, or lose weight) and monitor your calorie intake in detail. In your personal cabinet you will see recommendations on the daily rate and you can see statistics in the form of graphs.

You need to enter all food intake into FatSecret and choose products from a large list by name or just take a picture of a barcode – the app will recognize it and add it to your diet. If there is no “scanned” food in the database, you can add it yourself. As a nice bonus, there are ready-made versions of diets. And on the main page, there is a feed where users share their successes and recipes.


Before you launch the app, you have to take a survey in which you have to mark your goals and tell more about yourself. Based on this data, the program will calculate your daily calorie intake, activity and even water consumption – the counter is simple, but already built into the basic version.

The free features are enough to keep track of calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. You can find products in the built-in list, “identify” by barcode and even add your meals. For those who often cook, there is an option to write down favorite recipes – by ingredients and the number of servings they make – the nutritional value is calculated automatically. Next time you just need to select the line you want, instead of having to look all over again for everything your favorite salad is made of, for example. YAZIO also has a fairly large cookbook with handy filters.


It’s a concise and simple app that is easy to understand. Products are added in the same way as in the previous programs, but Lifesum eventually remembers what you eat most often and shows this in a separate window. You can also create a list of favorites and focus only on it. It helps if you have a meal plan planned in advance.

One of the useful features is a huge database of different exercises and simple daily activities, so that you can monitor not only the calories gained but also the calorie spent. All of these features are free, and the Pro version offers personalized meal plans, diets and recommendations, as well as a more detailed chart of nutrients and minerals in foods.


This app has perhaps the most memorable design. The stylization is offered to choose from a built-in gallery, and the list of products is decorated in a cartoon design. By the way, you can find food by name or by opening one of the categories. Here you can “assemble” a ready meal and save it, and specify the portion size in grams.

Keeping track of calorie intake is also handy. You can choose your workout from a ready-made list: it even includes housework, so if you start a general cleaning, it also counts. EasyFit has an extended paid version with a water meter, additional widgets, reminders, but you can easily do without it. The only nuance – this program has inaccuracies in the translation, so it’s better to be guided by the pictures.

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