What is Chest Exercise?

Chest Exercise is a well-known exercise in fitness to develop the chest muscles. We exercise the Clavicular portion of the pectoralis major. A sternocostal part of the same power.

The Chest Areas

Before performing these exercises for pectorals, it is essential what areas it is made up of and what they are for since you will be able to choose the workouts better.

Upper area / Pectoralis major: The most extensive arrangement is in a fan. In the case of women, it covers by the mammary glands. Its fibres have different orientations, and for this reason, its functionalities are various concerning the shoulder joint: flexion, extension, abduction and internal rotation.

Middle zone / Middle pectoral: This part of the chest is located between the lower and upper chest. It is imperative since it gives general strength to the pectoral.

Inferior area / Lower pectoral: It is the smallest, it is located just below the upper pectoral, and its fibres are oriented perpendicular to it. Its function is not mobilizing but scapular stabilization and intervenes in the movements of the ribs at the time of breathing.

Benefits of Having Strong Chest Exercise

Benefits of Having Strong Chest Exercise

Overall wellness: The pectoral musculature coordinates with the neck, arms, shoulders, and core muscles to produce movement and strength. Therefore, performing exercises for the chest is vital for general well-being, both in training and inactions of daily life.

Stability and strength: The stability of the shoulders and the bony structure of the body provide by the pectoral area. If you keep it strong, you will be able to propel yourself and push with less effort, hit more forcefully in the sport of boxing, hit the ball harder in tennis, etc. In this way, you will also avoid injuries.

Complete work: The development of the chest involves other muscle groups. If you exercise the pectoral muscles, you will be developing other areas such as the back, arms, shoulders, etc. Establishing a chest exercise routine will keep you more robust; overall, you will have a good foundation for any exercise.

Aesthetic value:  The beauty of worked pectorals is a fact. Although health prevails, it is essential to feel comfortable with oneself, and this area is key to proportion. Well-defined muscles enhance the shape and make you look better in a swimsuit and dressed.

Chest Exercise: Openings with Dumbbells

One of the complete chest exercises is the dumbbell flyes. It is a well-known exercise in fitness to develop the chest muscles.

We exercise:

Clavicular portion of the pectoralis major.

A sternocostal portion of the same muscle.

Before practising it, we explain how to execute it correctly.

You will need a flat bench and dumbbells to perform this exercise correctly. But don’t worry, if you don’t have dumbbells, you can replace them dumbbells with bottles filled with rice, sand, etc.

On the other offer, if you don’t have a bench, use a pallet as in the video.

Two critical aspects must take into account before performing the exercise:

Carrying the optimal weight: The technique will not be correct if you have too much weight, and the results, therefore, will not be as expected. Also, you run the risk of arching your back too much.

Be careful with the extension: If you fully extend your arms, you could injure your elbow. It would be most excellent if you kept your elbows flexed throughout the exercise. Otherwise, you will engage other muscles.

Dumbbell Flyes Step by Step

Lie on your flipside on a flat bench/alternate. It is essential to choose the place since you should perform the movement with total comfort.

Take the dumbbells with both hands, facing the palms towards the centre of the body, keeping the arms slightly bent vertically to the body until they reach shoulder height.

You must align your elbows with each other, perpendicular to the body and parallel to the ground.

The moment you exhale, you should return to the body’s centre. It is important not to extend your arms or bend your elbows.

The dumbbells will be stuck above the chest, in the same position as at the beginning of the exercise.

Pectoral Exercises for Women, Good or Bad?

Many women believe that doing a chest exercise routine will increase the area; others that it decreases, etc. Many myths and rumours revolve around training this part of the body in women, but the truth is that there are numerous benefits.

To begin with, we must know the differences between muscle tissue and the breast. The breast superimposes on the pectoral muscles. It is made of fatty and glandular tissue and comprises three layers. As we all know, its primary function is to feed the baby. Under the breast, we find the muscle tissue that we can stimulate and develop with training.

Reasons Why Women Should Perform Chest Exercise

Balance: The chest is a muscle, and as such, it is essential not to leave it aside in your training. If you seek a balance, both physical and aesthetic, you must train all the muscles of your body.

Avoid injuries: This is one of the most important reasons since a well-trained chest is synonymous with good posture and, therefore, the ability to perform other exercises correctly. If you don’t have a muscular chest, you risk injuring yourself by trying to do an activity that involves this area. It can happen to you in the gym or something as every day as moving a box in a move.

Optimal training: When you do exercises for the chest, more areas are involved, such as the shoulders and arms. Keep in mind that when you do exercises for the shoulders, triceps, and biceps, you will also use your chest.

Bust development: although the breasts do not grow (what we know as the fat of the pectoral area, the breasts), the internal muscles do grow, so visually, they will look more developed. More muscular pecs help lift and support the breasts.

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