What is Personal Development?

Personal development can be called a change process in which a person decides to change aspects of his life to feel much more fulfilled and fulfilled.

Most human beings have areas in their lives that they want to alter. But action is often not taken to bring about that long-awaited change. Many limiting beliefs prevent an individual from launching to improve her life.

Sometimes, everything remains in the process of intentions. But if all necessary to generate changes are put into practice, satisfactory results can be obtained for that person.

Personal development aims to improve and implement actions to change behaviours, attitudes, or thoughts. The goal is always for the person to gain a better quality of life and much greater well-being. Hence the importance of personal growth in our lives.

Personal Development in Life and the Workplace

Personal development is the realization of a process of introspection. We try to discover our own identity to explore our talents, improve our health, change our lifestyle, and do everything necessary to harmonize with our minds and bodies.

On the other hand, this term refers to our development in the professional field. Every year, more and more companies understand the need to train their employees in practices related to ontological coaching.

Advantages of Personal Development

Advantages of Personal Development

We have already seen in the former example that personal development is a good thing, but it brings many other benefits that you may not expect:

Self-discovery:  the first thing this technique gives you is the ability to know yourself. Knowing your values, beliefs, and goals is essential to achieving happiness.

Increase your productivity:  something that energies hand in hand with the initial point. By being clear about your goal, you automatically work more efficiently to achieve it.

You are happier:  although it may be hard at first, your well-being increases as you get closer to the goal. It also avoids falling into burnout syndrome.

High motivation: it is effortless to abandon a personal project when the first difficulties look. As we have told you, personal growth helps you change your way of thinking to not fall into that “trap” of your brain.

It gives you a goal:  many people today are lost, not knowing where to direct their lives rather than will disappear thanks to this technique.

Benefits of Personal Development

Very well! We have reached the end of the reading, and we have advanced a lot. We already have the basic knowledge to start our growth and personal development path, congratulations! You will see that by going through it and reaching the goal, you will obtain many benefits:

  • It’s knowing yourself.
  • You will improve your mental health.
  • It will open space for new opportunities aligned with what you want.
  • You will be more productive.
  • You will be more motivated.
  • If You will improve your self-esteem by recognizing your value.
  • Your relationships and with yourself will go to another level.
  • You will improve your quality of life.

Sounds like magical benefits, right? When we recognize that we are in control of ourselves, of our thoughts and actions, it is as if something magical happened because we managed to unblock the invisible locks that separated us from what we always wanted and saw as impossible. We realize that the impossible is in our minds, and it is a creation of our thinking.

We invite you to disbelieve what you believe and learn to trust your voice to find the best version of you. Cheer up!

Personal Development Books

Personal Development Books

Finally, and before we say goodbye, we recommend this list of personal development books to accompany you on the way:

The 7 Habits of Highly Active People – Stephen R. Covey

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The 4-Hour Workweek – Timothy Ferris

The Key to Success – Malcolm Gladwell

Live without fear – Sergio Fernández

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Feel free to share your progress with us! You can get more support and motivation material by clicking here.

Action Plan to Start Personal Development

There are a series of outstanding stops to improve certain aspects of a person and for them to take a switch of their lives and implement these changes:

Self-knowledge: Self-knowledge is a person’s ability to discover their strengths and enhance them. Therefore, it will be advisable to know oneself to begin this change process. Know your flaws, resilience, and what characterizes you. It is advisable to list everything mentioned above and organize an action plan to carry it out.

Objectives: To create an adequate plan of action, it is necessary to establish a person’s purpose in self-improvement. If you want to lose weight, change your habits, stop smoking, start meditating, etc. It will be necessary to determine the objectives and establish a time to begin to see results and meet the proposed goals.

Action plan: It is time to take action and establish a series of measures to achieve the previously stated objectives.

Resources: To carry out these actions, it will also be essential to assess the resources that one has or those that are available. For example, if a being wants to start meditating, he can take classes with a professional or use informative videos about this practice.

Results: It is necessary to dedicate time to take care of oneself and implement the tasks that will help generate that change. For this reason, it requires assessing the results in the medium and long term to know if this is the way to go or if some change is needed to improve the results that one wishes to achieve.

Example of Personal Development

Personal development can occur in different areas of a person’s life. In your relationships, emotions, health, body, or personal finances.

For this reason, the important thing is to determine what you want to improve and feel much more fulfilled. For sample, if a person wants to learn to manage their emotions better, they can put into practice guidelines and recommendations on emotional intelligence. The goal will be to get to know yourself and feel better about yourself, value all your emotions, accept them, and grow as a person.

Stages of Personal Development

To change the world as we know it, we must face the different stages of personal development, which are based on the three shown below:

Where to go: it is perhaps the most crucial step, and that is that any action we take must based on the answer to this question—knowing what goals you want to achieve is essential to avoid abandonment and fatigue when working for an objective.

How to achieve it: once the objective is known, an action plan must define to achieve that proposed objective. This plan must determine by a set of steps that must end in achieving the goal.

Let’s get to work: once the first two steps have completed, it’s time to work according to the steps defined in the plan. It is crucial to avoid falling into the temptation of “tomorrow I start” and eradicate it. It’s a type of negative thought from the head since it will only generate dissatisfaction and delays in achieving the objectives.

Putting different personal development techniques into practise should be done with a view to the medium. In the long term, the objectives set are usually vital and professional objectives that cannot achieve overnight. The important thing is to achieve a change in mentality that helps define the goals you want to accomplish in life.


We can define Personal Development as a process of self-improvement and growth that helps us identify our genuine interests and life goals to acquire and enhance the necessary resources to achieve them and thus give meaning to our lives. To fully carry out this process of personal growth and development. If must become aware of our values, of who we want to become, and commit ourselves to promoting the necessary changes to achieve it.

Being tied to values ​​and life goals, we uniquely understand personal development. It is not about fully developing ourselves in each one of the areas of life (it would be challenging and frustrating) but about choosing those that fit with our way of understanding life. Only in this way will we be happy and satisfied with ourselves. Thus, while their professional career is a great satisfaction for some people, it is their social and family relationships. For others, it may be their physical appearance or their ethics.

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