Singing lessons online – Singing is living! Here I recommend seven online singing courses that will help you master your singing and vocal technique.

Singing reduces stress and fights depression. That was the conclusion of a study from the University of Frankfurt, which found that the practice of singing can have benefits on people’s mental health.

Singing disconnects you from your problems, makes you release endorphins and allows you to have a great time.

So if you are passionate about music and singing, learning to sing is something you have to do. Let’s go to the courses!

7 Singing Lessons Online for Beginners and Professionals

If you master singing and vocal techniques, you will enjoy it much more when you sing.

These courses are designed for people who want to improve their tone when singing, who wish to dedicate themselves to singing, or anyone who wants to learn.

1. “Singing and Vocalization for all” is the best Singing Lessons Online

This course has terrific opinions from people who have done it, that’s why we recommend it.

You will learn the basic principles of singing, but at the same time, professional singing and vocal techniques.

And also, it is a course designed for children, adolescents, and adults.

2.  “Learn the Best Vocal Techniques.”

If you want to improve your vocal technique, this course is for you.

You will learn to develop your true potential as a performer and sing like a professional.

Among the concepts you will learn are:

  • The way voices are classified.
  • And also, basic but essential techniques such as breathing and tuning.
  • Find your vocal range and expand it when necessary.
  • You will practice techniques such as vibrato, falsetto, and scratching.

3. Course “Piano for Singers.”

If you like to sing and as the piano, take a look at this course.

You will learn the keys to accompany your singing while playing the piano, using the same tools as your favourite artists.

This course is not for you if you want to learn the vocal technique. It is for people who want to learn to accompany their singing with the piano.

And also, you will then learn to improve the coordination of your hands with your voice.

4. Video Course “How to Sing Well?”

Here we share one of the best online singing classes in Spanish available on the Internet.

And also, it is a series of lessons prepared by a youtube musician who will teach you step by step what you need to know if you are a beginner in singing.

5. Course “Learn to Sing Quickly and Easily.”

This course is designed for music amateurs and professionals, and the only requirement that your teacher asks of you is:

  • And also, be passionate about music.
  • You will learn to sing easily, mastering the two fundamental premises to sing correctly: awareness and control.
  • His teacher, vocal coach Susan Noratto, explains the contents very well and will guide you step by step through the entire schedule.

6. Course “Solfeggio for Singers.”

Although this course designed for singers, anyone passionate about music and who wants to learn can do it.

You will learn to read sheet music in the treble clef and understand the initial music theory.

Furthermore, by learning and understanding music theory as a helpful tool, you will be able to use it to turn your voice into a musical instrument.

And also, this course is also from Susan Moratto.

7. Bonus: Course “To record with Audition. Sing, Mix and Polish your Songs”

This way is perfect if you want to learn how to record your songs.

You will learn to create your high-quality musical interpretations from the comfort of your home.

And also, you will be able to master your voice, mix instruments with your voice, and correctly record your voice, among many others.

Singing Lessons Online

Singing Lessons Online

Course Description

In our Online Singing Classes, you will learn how our vocal apparatus is composed, how to tune, perform various techniques to improve your singing, work on a repertoire of contemporary music, and learn different resources that will allow you to learn to become a great singer.


Students train by highly fit teachers in private and live 30-minute sessions via video call—a flexible method unlimited access 24/7.


The school also has a web platform with unlimited access to videos, information and complementary resources for all courses.

Complementary Course

In addition to your singing classes, you will have a complementary course in Musical Language. A lesson where you will learn everything you need about reading, writing, polyrhythms, intonation, intervals and everything you need to be able to interpret the notes of the staff singing or with any instrument you want. You also work on intonation, and you will be able to sing simple melodies. And also, all of these tools will help you with your singing lessons and make it easier for you to communicate with other musicians.

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