You already know what a gadget is, and you probably still think that they all have to do with technology. Still, there are many other types: electronic, mechanical and even desktop gadgets such as widgets. Among the most common are:

Technological or Hardware Gadgets

Also called intelligent gadgets, “they are small technological devices that fulfil specific functions and have a more ingenious design than current technology,” explains the software company Alumni.

The most popular are home voice assistants or car gadgets, Wi-Fi boosters or wireless chargers.

One of the most sought-after technological gadgets today is wearables, which consist of products with a microprocessor capable of receiving and transmitting data. The best thing: is you can take them with you everywhere, as is the case with smartwatches. With that, you can interact with other devices.

The case of smartwatches is that of electronic gadgets developed thanks to the internet of things. Do you know this concept?

Virtual Reality Gadgets

They are also gadgets that include technology, and the difference is that they are focused on this activity. Examples of virtual reality gadgets are augmented reality glasses, VR handsets (gloves), and headsets.

These types of gadgets became famous a couple of years ago. Although they have not yet reached their maximum quality, they have already captivated many virtual reality and simulations fans.

In this case, knowing what a virtual reality gadget is will allow you to give an excellent gift to those who love to explore this type of activity.

Video Game Gadgets

We arrive at one of the favourite points of gamers, where we will talk about what a video game gadget is and which are the most used to improve the experience with controls or controls.

As you intuit, these are accessories designed to make the game comfortable and improve the players’ performance. For this reason, the list of gadgets on the market is extensive.

You can find gaming computer gadgets like headsets, speakers, microphones, computer keyboards, controllers, and even specialized clothing for gamers.

We share the image of one of the gadgets that are a trend today in video games. These are the wireless HyperX gaming headphones with which you can play for up to 30 hours, thanks to performance of your battery.

In addition, it has ear cups that rotate 90 ° to rest on the neck and controls with LED effects, microphone mute, power and volume. Would you dare to know what a gadget is through these headphones?

Health Gadgets

Gadgets are present in everything, not only in fun. That’s why some carefully design with health and fitness in mind. Most of these are electronic devices that facilitate medical and physiotherapeutic work.

You know what a gadget is because they are devices with which you can monitor your health status and perform physical rehabilitation. Some of them are sugar meters, for example, the blood pressure monitor or massagers.

Some of the furthermost used gadgets in the health sector are anywhere, a device designed to maintain a good posture when sitting, that is, with a straight back. It attaches to all types of chairs and can easily carry as it only weighs 2.6 kilos.

Software Gadgets, the Famous Widgets

What are the Types of Gadgets?

Many wonder what a gadget and widget are? Is it the same thing? The answer is yes, only that widgets cannot be felt as physical objects but rather are part of applications or gadgets for cell phones and computers.

Have you seen the weather app on your cell phone? That is a widget, just like the interface where you can see the time, the date, and the notepad. Its objective is to facilitate the work, the visualization of things or the functionality of a web or cell phone.

Some of the characteristics of desktop widgets or gadgets are that they are easy to use and configure to activate, designed for all types of users, and instrumental.

Gadgets for Sports

Maybe we should start by asking what a “sports” gadget is? Simple, they are specific technological and non-technological tools or artefacts to contribute to physical activity and good health.

On the one hand, you are correct, since exercise and physical activity are essential to keep us in optimal health. Indeed, you think these types of gadgets fall into health gadgets. However, we decided to separate them because we know that many people are looking for how to start a fitness life among our readers.

Let’s start by talking about the oldest and most famous sports gadgets. Weights are one of the quintessential exercises in gyms, but did you know that they were gadgets? If you realize it, it meets all the characteristics of a device. Another similar case is the ropes, which are suitable for exercise and have been fun for many children.

However, technology has also reached sports. An element that is a gadget, but indeed you did not have it referenced, is the smart scales. Likewise, at a more affordable price, some smartwatches aim to monitor your physical performance.

Finally, being perhaps one of the most striking sports gadgets in recent years, we have a digital weight, which can vary its weight depending on what you choose, in addition to being able to synchronize it with your cell phone.

Spy Gadgets

The classic “Inspector Gadget” movie makes a little more sense to you now that you know what a gadget is. Precisely, in that film, specific special tools for espionage were observed. Did you know that many of those ideas, years later, became a reality? Let’s learn more about this type of gadget.

Whether you want to use them for personal purposes or only artefacts with hidden uses catch your attention, espionage gadgets have become a trend in recent times. So many well-known brands have released related products.

We have pens, ties, hats and the most recognizable: glasses. Today, the latter is a trend since the well-known brand of Ray-Ban glasses, in collaboration with Facebook, launched glasses with a camera, microphone, and even headphones included. Perhaps the most famous gadgets of this style are those that hide small video cameras.


The name of gadget or widget has been given to a new category of mini-applications. Which design to improve services, an application, provide information or any interaction of a computer; This is done through the world wide web, for example, an extension of a business application, which provides us with real-time information on the business status or organization. Gadgets are commonly called portable electronic devices such as PDAs, cell phones, smartphones, and mp3 players. In other words, it’s electronic jargon.

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