Manappuram Finance Limited offers gold loans up to Rs.1.5 crore against your gold jewelry and ornaments. The gold loans availed from Manappuram Finance can be repaid in a maximum of 1 year.

Manappuram Gold Loan Eligibility

Manappuram Gold Loan Eligibility rtb

The eligibility criteria one will have to fulfil in order to apply for a gold loan from Manappuram are:

  • Anyone except a minor who owns a gold ornament or jewelry can apply for a Manappuram gold loan.
  • The gold ornaments should be within a karat range of 18k to 24k to be eligible for a gold loan.

Documentation – Nse: Manappuram

Availing a gold loan from Manappuram Finance requires minimal documentation. You just need to furnish the below-given documents to avail a Manappuram gold loan:

  • Proof of Identity – Passport, Voter’s ID, Driving License, PAN Card, etc.
  • Proof of Residence – Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card, etc.

Features of Manappuram Gold Loan

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  • High Loan Amounts – You can avail a loan up to Rs.1.5 crore on availing a gold loan from Manappuram.
  • Multiple Schemes to Choose from – You have the option of choosing from multiple gold loan schemes offered by Manapurram Finance Limited based on your financial requirements.
  • Loan Sanctioned with Minimum Requirements – You require minimum documentation to get your loan sanctioned. You will be required to submit one recent ID, like your Voter ID, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. and a proof of residence.
  • Quick Loan Processing – Your loan gets approve within minutes provided you have submitted all the necessary documents.
  • Low Interest Rates – The interest offered starts as low as 12% based on your loan amount and gold loan scheme chosen by you.

Gold Loan Calculator – Nse: Manappuram

Moreover, you can calculate how much loan amount you are eligible for against your gold ornaments by using the Gold Loan Calculator available on the website of Manappuram Finance. Impartial enter some basic details such as your name, phone number, email address, state, city, type and weight of gold, and the tool will calculate and display the maximum amount you can avail as a gold loan from Manappuram Finance.

Manappuram Online Gold Loan

Manappuram Finance offers Online Gold Loan (OGL) of up to Rs.1.5 crore wherein you must pay interest only for the exact number of days that you avail the loan for. The other features of the online gold loan have been listed below:

  • The gold pledged to Manappuram Finance is 100% safe and secure and comes with free insurance cover.
  • Here are no hidden charges associated with the Manappuram online gold loan and you can avail the loan anytime at your convenience.
  • You can download the Manappuram OGL app to avail a gold loan, pay interest, locate the nearest branch of Manappuram Finance, and check account statement.
  • Online gold loan (credit) can be availed in a hassle-free manner and the entire process is paperless.

Manappuram Gold Loan Scheme Details

Interest rate 9.90% p.a. to 24.00% p.a.
Tenure 6 months t 12 months
Maximum Loan Amount No maximum limit

Manappuram Gold Loan Explanation

Manappuram gold loan can be availed to meet an urgent need for cash by pledging one’s gold ornaments or gold coins as collateral. A Gold loan is one of the quickest and easiest ways of borrowing money and can be availed by any existing customer of the Manappuram as well as new borrowers. With Manappuram, you will not only be able to avail of the gold loan easily but it will also be at a competitive interest rate.

Types of Manappuram Finance Limited Jewel Loans

Manappuram Gold Loan Eligibility

Here are a few popular gold schemes by the NBFC:

Online Gold Loan (OGL): Nse: Manappuram

The NBFC launche the OGL scheme in 2016. The scheme is built around an overdraft facility. Once you have placed the gold with the company, you can take out a loan, repay the interest, and adjust the pledge as needed. If you have idle gold, the loan plan helps to protect the asset while also providing funds. The service is available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

(i)  It is completely safe because the ornaments are entirely insured.

(ii) Track the account statement by downloading the OGL mobile app.

(iii) Take advantage of easy liquidity and funds at your disposal.

(iv) Use your mobile device to conduct paperless transactions

(v) You can repay interest as you see fit.

SMS Gold Loan (SGL): Nse: Manappuram

However, you can even get a loan against gold via SMS. But first, you must pledge gold jewellery at a Manappuram branch of your choice. The service is available at all branches, including the country’s Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. As a result, even the unbanked and economically disadvantaged population can obtain the loan. To apply for a loan, go to the branch. You don’t need a smartphone or internet to get the money. However, you must send an SMS from the registered mobile number. Following verification, the loan amount will be deposited into your registered bank account.

Gold Loan at your door: Nse: Manappuram

Manappuram Finance Limited offers doorstep loans to borrowers in a few cities. The gold loan scheme at the doorstep is currently available in Chennai and Bengaluru. The customer can have the gold appraised at their home using this service. NEFT or IMPS services are leveraged for the disbursal of the loan amount. The gold assets are insured at no cost. The loan is processed quickly, as is the transfer of funds. The funds could be available in as little as 30 minutes.

Tips To Get Jewel Loan From Manappuram Fast

  • Manappuram accepts both hallmarked and non-hallmarked jewelry in exchange for money. However, you can get the maximum gold loan per gram for any hallmark jewellery, because it reduces the chances of under-valuation by the valuer.
  • Manappuram can adjust the price of 22-carat gold for the purity of gold. Therefore, one should also try to borrow against jewellery of higher purity because it fetches the highest amount for a gold loan.
  • Manappuram will calculate the net weight of the jewellery to calculate the amount of loan against the gold you can get. In addition, You can always try to choose jewellery that has Max gems and stones. Most of the banks will decrease the weight of gems and stones from the total weight of the jewellery. But Manappuram will rely on the report of its gold valuer to calculate the netweight. Higher’s the weight of gems and stones in jewellery, lesser the net weight and value of jewellery which results in a lower amount of gold loanyou can are eligible to get.

What Type of Gold can be used to secure a Gold Loan?

Gold loan can be secure by gold valuables which can be in form of jewellery, coins, statues, etc. A Bank accepts gold ornaments weighing more than 50 grams and weighing 18 to 24 carats. The Gold loan is approve on the market value of gold which you are keeping as a mortgage.

Advantages Of Manappuram Jewel Loan

There are some advantages of the Manappuram Gold Loan:

  1. Manappuram Gold Loan Interest Rate is 5.88% per annumand reasonable in contrast to other services; this is the reason why most of the customers prefer this service.
  2. The documentation process is straightforward. Less documentation is require in a gold loan.
  3. It’s only consists of 1 ID proof, 1 house proof (Aadhaar card, etc.), and 2 passport size photograph.
  4. You can checked the specific document requirements on Manappuram Gold App as well.
  5. If you fillup the eligibility criteria of the Manappuram Gold Loan then, it is disburse very quickly that is in a day.
  6. Manappuram gold loan provides an amount that is as high as Rupees 1.5 Crore.
  7. The Bank charges about 0.50% of the principal amount as Foreclosure charges.

Also, You can call on 9878981144 to avail the Greatest Deals and Offers on Gold Loan.